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Sebnem Ozkan



107 Harbor Ridge Ln. S.
Memphis, TN 38103
United States
T: 901 528 92 85
F: 901 678 43 39


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Healing with Qigong


The word "Qigong" means life energy work. Qigong is practiced for health, longevity and spiritual well being. A very important aspect of qigong is that it makes the person responsible for his/her own health and gives the practitioner the personal power to heal himself/herself. "Healing with Qigong" aims to introduce the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of qigong more widely.

Profile and Credentials        

Sebnem Ozkan has studied qigong with Hakan Onum, in Istanbul, whom is a well-established teacher in many different aspects of Eastern Arts.
The various Qigong forms Sebnem Ozkan specializes in include Makkoho, Swimming Dragon Qigong, Five Element Qigong, Eight Pieces of Brocade (standing and sitting version), Six Healing Sounds, The Deer, Crane and Turtle Qigong, Qigong for Children, Arthritis Qigong, Wuji Hundun Qigong, Taiji Qigong and Anti-cancer Qigong.

Philosophy and Comments        

Everything in the universe is composed of energy, which manifests itself in myriad things and beings. Human beings are an example of manifestation of this energy. When the energy in our body moves flawlessly we are physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.
When we are first born our energy circulates without blockages. As we get older because of factors like stress, -research indicates that 70% of illnesses are due to unmanaged stress- diseases, unhealthy diet, and wrong breathing, energy in the body gets stuck. Qigong practice enables the practitioner to clear these blockages and reach a state of high energy and health.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


All programs start with a deep relaxation meditation.In overall qigong practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, relaxation is very essential to open up the meridians and let the qi circulate freely in the body.
In every program different qi gathering breathings and body and face massage (for ex; healing the eyes, cleansing the sinuses, stimulating the kidneys) is taught in order to heal and strengthen the body.
Specific meditations are practiced in accordance with the program and need of the student/patient.
In qigong practice expelling the stagnant qi from the body is as important as gathering the healing qi. At the end of every session stagnant qi is released via some breathing techniques and movements.
Diet is included to Qigong practice as well. Some simple recipes to alleviate certain conditions and cleanse the body can be prescribed.

The Qigong forms that are being taught can not be described here fully, due to lack of space. Please contact "Healing with Qigong" if you need more information or would like to attend classes.




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