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aimon kopera


Discover the worlds of Asian Healing Arts and Western science of the mind and body to feel well, achieve balance and experience internal harmony. Eliminate daily stress, relax and use your mind and body movements to heal yourself naturally.

The Asian Healing Arts continue to play a major role in self-healing and well-being. They can bring so many benefits, such as:

Live in balance and harmony

Reverse the negative effects of aging

Experience more energy and strength

Relief from tension and stress

Promote a peaceful and positive outlook

Relieve chronic health conditions and strengthen your body against diseases.

Qi Mountain wants to share with you the healing promises that lie within you and can bring you an extraordinary wellness through your own natural self healing ability.

Qi Mountain offers:

Instruction of Qigong and Healing Tao Practice based on Universal Tao System created by Master Mantak Chia.

Medical Qigong Group Practice: Chinese Taiji Five Element Qigong created by Master Binhui He of World Institue of Self Healing.

One on One Coaching: Stress Reduction, Work/Life Balance and Mental Clarity and Performance Productivity by HeartMath ™ Tools.

Meditation Classes: Teaching how to transform negative stressful events into positive flowing energies working in your life.

Weight Loss Qigong Workshop: The practice allows you to Stay Young, Beautiful and trim your waistline.

Thai Yoga Therapy: A unique blend of yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Thai medicine, and acupressure. The purpose is to create a harmonious balance of the body, mind and spirit.

Sundo Breathing Meditation: A Korean physical and spiritual discipline, using specific postures and breathing techniques to develop inner focus. Sundo brings tranquility, harmony and wisdom.

Tai Chi: Traditional Chinese exercise combined with mental concentration and sequence of movements. Tai Chi practice offers improved health, flexibility, strength and self awareness.

Introducing in September 2007: Qi Motion, a unique gym for the renewal of the mind, body and brain.
This structured mind-body-brain training system is uniquely designed to provide a combination of very easy, relaxed mind and physical exercises. Your journey begins as you lie down in the Qi Capsule Far Infrared Therapy with light and sound of Creative Visualization Relaxation, followed by the body, mind and movement exercises of Qi Lounge and end with whole body vibration technology of Qi Vibe. The Radiant Heat Accelerated Cardio Exercise (RHACE) Room will be available for any type of Asian Healing Arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Sundo, Zen Yoga, Breathing Meditation, or even basic stretching. Two smaller, but more intense Far Infrared Therapy rooms will be available for healing and detoxification.

Profile and Credentials        

Aimon has witnessed healing in many forms. She has experience as a registered nurse in such diverse fields as emergency medicine, neonatal intensive care, and rehabilitation. Working for the United Nations, Aimon has traveled throughout her native Thailand and South East Asia. She provided medical care in refugee camps in an active war zone with resources being scarce. Western medicine was often used in combination with traditional self-healing methods.

Aimon was first exposed to Tai Chi Qigong in 1979. She is an active practitioner and has studied from several Qigong masters and teachers.

Aimon Kopera is a licensed HeartMath one-on-one provider and has been certified as an Integral Tai Chi Qigong Instructor from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine Extension Program (Dr. Roger Jahnke). She is also a Full Instructor of the Universal Tao System (Master Mantak Chia) and an instructor of World Institute of Self Healing (Master Binhui He). She is also a Sundo Taoist Yoga Practitioner (Master Sunim). She shares the health and wellness benefits of Qigong with her students at Qi Mountain.

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