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Nadiya Nottingham

Nadiya Nottingham


PO Box 0000
New York, NY 10024
United States


Nadiya Nottingham

Yoga & Qigong Workshops Spring Schedule

Profile and Credentials        

Nadiya Nottingham RYT, has been studying and teaching yoga for over 16 years. Among her credentials she is certified Integral Yoga teacher, a certified 'Wisdom Qigong' teacher. Nadiya began her meditation practice as a young woman in her native Ireland, where the beauty of nature was her first inspiration.

Nadiya's first years in New York were living a life of excess from which she became very ill, she ended up in the hospital with a collapsed lung in 1992.

Yoga & qigong were her path to healing and led to a life she felt born to. A deep resonance of her days in meditation in Ireland was reawakened.

Sixteen years later she now teaches in the US and internationally.

In 2002 Nadiya defied a doctor's prediction that without surgery she might be partially paralyzed, she transformed her body once again through yoga, qigong and a fierce determination not to adhere to someone else's version of her life. She teaches with joy, compassion and a dash of Irish humor.

Philosophy and Comments        

Qi-Yoga is a unique fusion of yoga & qigong. Developed by Nadiya Nottingham, this healing movement practice combines the energy building qualities of Qigong, which is the foundation of Tai Chi, with the confidence building standing and seated poses of yoga.

The work focuses on the flow of energy rather then putting the body into pretzel shapes. Instead you are shown how to increase your inner power by recognizing your life force and moving in ways that are more nature based such a moving the body like a river, breathing like a breeze, standing like a tree.

You will feel stronger, especially in the pelvis and legs, and have a greater range of movement in the upper body, which will increase breath capacity and brain power with a clearer, de-stressed mind.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Integral Yoga Institute

Yoga & Qigong Three Monday nights

March 17, 24 & 31st. 7-9PM

Tuition: $65.00 for course

Register at Integral Yoga 212-929-0586 or iyiny.org





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