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Quantum Play Transformations

JoAnn Clinton


Buckeye, AZ 85396
United States


QuantumPlay can be best described as a non-technique and non-system of healing. To wrap parameters around something is to limit it. This is about allowing each being to tap into their Divine intelligence and choose the best possible outcome.

It is also shift in the way a session is perceived. Clients are viewed as an intelligent organization of light and information; as beings. It is this shift in viewpoint that allows me to work on the entire being, rather than feel the need to "fix" subset of symptoms and conditions.

Physical matter has been described as "waves of possibilities" by many scientists. Scientists posture it is consciousness that collapses these possibility waves into actuality. I will ask open-ended questions to bring forth the greatest possibility the "being" is ready to accept to bring about powerful transformations.

Both Science and spirituality have taught us that to focus on a particular issue will only give it more energy thereby re-enforcing the condition.

Because all beings are a different organization of light and information, there really is no such thing as a typical session. Many report entering an "altered state". Altered states are typically necessary to access any subconscious belief patterns and to facilitate amazing transformations.

Profile and Credentials        

I've spent a lot of time studying and applying an eclectic mix of modalities. It is my passion and commitment to assist humanity in discovering the innate wisdom within while facilitating powerful shifts in the human collective consciousness. It is with honor, love and gratitude that drives me to do this work. My credentials are as follows:

Clayton College of Natural Health - Doctoral Candidate

China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China - Tuina

Matrix Energetics

Thetahealing - Certified Practitioner and Instructor

Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

Reiki - Usui; All Levels and Karuna Ki

Philosophy and Comments        

* We are divine beings experiencing a human existence. We do not have to go outside ourselves for guidance as the answers always lie within. Many beings forgot how to trust in this internal guidance.

* We are ALL aspects of one being. It has many names, God, Source, Spirit, The Quantum Field, The Creator, etc. Therefore, we are all these things and can do the SAME things as "The One". Because of this, we have the power to re-create ourselves into a healthy being and dis-create dis-ease and illness. Once we discover how to transform ourselves, we can transform the world!

* Love is the force that creates. Fear creates dis-ease, imbalance and is destructive. Love frees us. Fear keeps us from fully expressing our divine nature.

* There really is no separation between mind, body and spirit. All aspects of us are an amazing gift. Therefore an imbalance on a physical level is also happening on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level as well. We are multi-dimensional beings. Healings and "shifts" sometimes have to occur in another dimension prior to being realized in our physical reality.

* Live your life as if you have no secrets and you will never have anything to hide or keep you in fear. Dare to be who you really are!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I have office hours in Goodyear, AZ at the Center of the Heart Yoga Studio. Phones sessions are offered as well. Each session is $100.00. Because of the intensity of each session, some sessions may not last a full hour.

For more information or to schedule a session, I can be reached @ 602-502-2172.

Get Ready to Embrace a New Way of Being!        

A new way of being is here. This is truly a dawn of a new consciousness on this planet. It is truly a blessing and honor to be a human being during this time. This technique goes beyond anything you've ever learned about healing.

What have you learned about your world and your surroundings? What if you learned we all have the ability to tap into a dynamic and living field of information and infinite possibilities? What if you knew this is the very same field that shapes our physical world. Because of this, we all have far-reaching abilities to transform our own lives and the planet.

Even very large physical matter, for example, the human body, planets, etc. all can be broken down beyond the atom - way beyond. Physical matter is really a dynamic wave of possibilities! It is consciousness that can transform matter. This is the realm of miracles..




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