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Collette Taaffe



Phoenix, AZ 85024
United States
T: 602-881-7898




Heart Song Healing


  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Foot Mapping Your Dreams

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    Aromatherapy is the ancient art and science of blending and applying essential oils to heal balance, detoxify, and nourish our bodies and souls.

    These potent essential oils are the living essences of plants, flowers, trees, roots and herbs.

    Each has its own distinct energic healing quality that brings about healing in our minds and bodies. You know how good you feel after walking through the forest or spending time in a peaceful garden that is because you are receiving so much oxygen and chi (energy) from the trees and plants. In the same way essential oils when applied to our bodies or we inhale them oxygenate every living cell, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Each oil, depending on where it was grown, has absorbed the sun [fire] wind[air] rain [water] and the blessed earth where it was grown. Our bodies are also made up of these sacred elements so we can receive and balance and healing through the use of these wonderful oils.

    In your Aromatheapy massage session you wil be in a comfortable roon with soft light and the relaxing aroma of lavender. Before we start I will consult with you on on the issue you are working on. I will then blend your own personal blend based on what we have talked about.

    Then I will massage you using your signature blend. Each massage is slightly different because every person is unique. I am very intuitive and will tune in to the energic cause of whatever needs to be healed. We will use breath and visualization to release energy blocks so that the vital lifeforce in your body can flow freely.

    The oils applied will be absorbed within 12 seconds into your bloodstream, where they will begin restoring health and vitality. You also have the option of taking home your very own blend to continue the treatment at home.

    Massage sessions are ^60 minutes or 90 minutes and will leave you with a feeling of total relaxation and well being.


    Aromatherapy massage for pregnant moms is one of the most wonderful ways to receive tender loving care for you and your baby during pregnancy.

    Nature has provided us with a variety of aramatic oils that are calming to the mind, relaxing and nourishing to the body, and uplifting to the spirit, helping to heal and balance all the disconforts of pregnancy.

    As you breath in thse aromas, you and your baby will come to feel the incredible feeling of all the tension and stress melting away. The gentle rocking and long relaxing strokes in the massage will lull you into a deep state of peace while the oils will begin to work their magic on your tense and tired muscles.

    All of your senses will be soothed to the sounds of the music of the Ocean, Whales and the Dolphins. Both you and your baby will feel deeply nurtured and full of wellbeing.


    Many times we know our true purpose and the Dream we have carried in out hearts - The dream that our soul is wanting to be manifest on Earth. But because of past conditioning from childhood and past lives, fear, emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, that all disconnect us from the light of our soul we become stuck and feeling unable to move forward.

    In your FOOT MAPPING YOUR DREAMS SESSION we will identify what is stopping you from moving forward.

    Each organ and gland have a positive energy flow or a blocked energy flow or too much energy, causing your body to be out of balance and unable to allow the light and love of your soul to fully inhabit your body. Sadness becomes stuck in the lungs, anger in the liver, fear in the kidneys.

    Very specific oils will be applied to the points on your feet that correspond to the organs and glands that are out of harnony and through bringing conscious presence and awareness to these unhealed feeling and beliefs and the power of the essential oils applied truth and wholeness will be restored.

    We will then do a guided visualization on seeing envisioning your dreams and so you can continue this healing every day, you will receive your own mantra that will bring about the manifestation of your life's purpose and your dreams come True.




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