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Radiant Journeys "Healing Yourself from Within"

Sandi Buchanan


15613 SE 1st Street
Vancouver, WA 98684
United States
T: 360.904.7888

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Radiant Journeys unique and integrative ways of assisting you along your personal path for a healthy, joyful and stress-free life with clarity include:

*Biofeedback Enhanced AURA Imaging which allows you to watch how your thoughts & emotions affect the aura and chakra energy systems, showing where your blocks and inconsistencies lie. Break the cycles of dis-ease manifestation!

*Q2 Energy spa allows you to relax while you hydrate your body in a 35 minute foot soak and become de-stressed, de-toxed and revitalized

Profile and Credentials        

Sandi is a former Optician, Facilitator for Pacific Institutes "Steps to Excellence Program, & Community Action Resource & Referral Specialist and community volunteer throughout the Northwest during her lifetime.

She began metaphysical networking groups throughout the greater Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area called; "High Spirits . . . for conscious networking & fun, to introduce alternative practitioners to community via a potluck and "like minded" venue.

Recently Sandi completed certification in META-Medicine, the "Organ, Mind, Body Connection" that will change the way we view "dis-ease". www.Meta-Medicine.info {as listed here on the By-Region network}

Philosophy and Comments        

Radiant Journeys will provide experiences which are healthful, pleasurable and enlightening. The powerful insight provided by the AURA Imaging is an asset to other practitioners as well as individual clients. "Before and After" Sessions validate healing benefits for even the most skeptical.

35 Minutes of either foot or hand soak in the Q2 aaids the body in releasing toxins. Stress is eliminated from the cells and our bodies begin to heal naturally, before technological and environmental toxins invaded our bodies.

We are all unique individuals, no one modality or herb, etc. works for the masses; Archie & I have researched and tried all the wonderful products and services we include in our "TOOLBOX" and are constantly striving to find the best resources for everyone.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

AURA Parties, Workshops and presentations available upon request: Sandi@RadiantJourneys.net

60 Miniute AURA sessions with 23 page aura, chakra color analysis printout {includes headshot}, intuitive reading and "move forward" plan: $145

35 Minute Foot Soak in the awesome Q2 spa: $55

Combo of above: $175

Call or email to schedule

"Messages from the Angels" Reconnect with your loved ones and your guides. Readings via phone available . . . $55 for 30 minutes

VISA and MasterCard accepted

Sandi is also certified AURA Imaging software :& Q2 Water Energy Spa DISTRIBUTOR so remember to ask about her super specials and training programs


Healthy coffee made from ASIA'S "King of Herbs"; Ganoderma Lucidum {known also as Reishi} will satisfy your coffee cravings withoug the usual highs and lows or jittery feelings that regular coffee is famous for . . .as a matter of fact this coffee is healthy as the properties of the Ganoderma have been known to assist with conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancers (U of Indiana has done study) and much more.

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