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4823 Mesa Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241
United States
T: 928-203-8736
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RAPHAEL A Health Choice


RAPHAEL A Health Choice is a Holistic Health Center specializing in Guided Imagery and Animal Communication. We offer consultations in Natural Health and Nutrition. RAPHAEL can also provide guidance with fasting, herbs, homeopthics, essential oils, iridology, color therapy and other healing modalities.

RAPHAEL currently gives lectures and classes in Animal Communication, Guided Imagery, Natural Health and Reiki.

www.raphael4u.com raphael4u@iquest.net

Profile and Credentials        

Doctorate in Naturopathy; Masters in Natural Health; Bachelors of Science in Equestrian Studies: Participated in Basic Animal Communication Courses with Kate Bast and Penelope Smith; Attended and Participated in Advanced Animal Communication I, II and III with Penelope Smith; Reiki Master

Philosophy and Comments        

The Mission Statement of RAPHAEL A Health Choice is:

* To aid in the harmonization of the species through understanding, acceptance and compassion. It is through open and honest communication we learn about each other and how to live together with respect, integrity and love

* To aid and assist individuals in their choice for health through education, empowerment and compassion

* To show respect for each individuals' needs and desires in a supported, trusting environment

It is the intention of RAPHAEL to help as many people as it can by sharing its gifts, insights, knowledge and experience to facilitate in whatever way is for their Highest Good as well as the Highest Good of RAPHAEL.
In our work we trust in Divine Guidance to lead us in all that we do and say. We honor and respect all beings that come into our office; their gifts, their blessings and their teachings. we work in the light of unconditional love. From body, heart and soul, we recognize that we are all children of God. We shine the light, and give other people permission to do the same. We open our heart to growth; spiritual, emotional, and physical. We pray for an open and honest exchange of hearts between RAPHAEL and all those we encounter.

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