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Cherie Soria



Lake/Sonoma County, CA United States
T: 707 964-2420




Living Light Culinary Arts Institute


Living Light Culinary Arts Institute offers Certification courses in Raw Living Food Cuisine for Individuals, Chefs and Teachers.
Three Great Programs to choose from.

Profile and Credentials        

Cherie Soria is the author of "Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies." After teaching gourmet vegetarian cuisine from many cultures for 20 years, Cherie studied with Dr. Ann Wigmore, reputed to be "The Mother of Living Foods," learning the principles of healing and rejuvenation with whole, live foods. Cherie has combined these two worlds of food preparation to create a live gourment cuisine that is a unique expression of culinary talent.

Philosophy and Comments        

During LLCAI workshops participants learn all aspects of creating raw living foods from appetizers to desserts. Our chef training courses allow individuals without any previous culinary experience to become proficient in the use of knives and other kitchen equipment to create taste, texture and flair. Everything from kitchen gardening to catering is covered. Experienced chefs and instructors of living foods also benefit from Cherie's years of chefing, catering, and teaching experience. "Cherie's raw/live cuisine is innovative, rejuvenating and delightful." ~VICTORAS KULVINSKAS, author of "Survival into the 21st Century"

"Cherie expresses so beautifully that preparing food is an act of love...not just a task to be done with!" ~JENNIFER RAYMOND, author of "The Peaceful Palate."

"Emerging from the growing number of elite raw food chefs comes Cherie Soria, whose delicious presentations nourish every aspect of our being. I have not seen anyone whose food comes close to matching Cherie's in beauty, presentation, imagination and most important, flavor. The ambiance of a Cherie Soria meal is a rare combination of love and perfection." ~Dr. Douglas N. Graham, author of "Nutrition and Athletic Performance"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

FUNdamentals of Living Foods $390,
Associate Chef Training $1290,
Associate Instructor Training $1690, These courses are offered in a workshop setting at Beautiful Harbin Hot Springs 3 times a year.

LLCAI also offers Healthy Lifestyle Celebrations to exotic locations. Visit our website www.rawfoodchef.com for more details





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