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Rich Chapelle



Bolton, MA 01740
United States
T: 978-779-0351




Healing Pathways


Licensed Massage Therapist: Thai Yoga Traditional, Deep Tissue, Sports and Swedish Massage. Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher.

Profile and Credentials        

Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Bodyworker 900 Hours of Certified Training

Philosophy and Comments        

Outside ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I'll meet you there. ~ Rumi

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please contact Rich for pricing and schdules 978-779-0351, rchapelle@comcast.net

What is Thai Massage        

Thai Massage is an ancient healing, theraputic and relaxing sequence of movements. The practicianer uses palm pressing, thumb pressing, accupressure and assisted physical movements to massage and stretch the receivers body.

Free Consultation        

So that you can experience the benefits of Thai Massage and to experience the process of receiving this wonderful therapy, I would like to offer you a free Half Hour consultation. I would be glad to offer this service in the convenience of your home or at Healing Essence in West Concord, Ma. Please contact Rich at 617-513-2298 or via the email listed under the "Profile Section' on this web page.

What Peope Have Experienced With Thai Massage        

"gently and safely stretches muscles more deeply than a conventional deep tissue massage bringing about changes that are more permanent. " "There is such an exhilaration from the knowledge that change and miracles are happening and my spirit soars. It is the most profound experience I've had for years" " I have regularly been receiving massages. It was a totally different experience receiving a massage from a Kripalu certified massage therapist." "I think massage helps the body release toxins from the tissues and the massage process activates the bodies meridians. This process has powerful healing benefits. There are also the psychological aspect of feeling nurtured by someone who is touching you in a concerned, kind way."


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