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Robert Billington



466 NE 210th Circle Ter #104
Miami, FL United States
T: 305-669-1754


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Robert David Billington


LGEM - The Music of Robert David
Billington and Friends.

Specializing in ensembles with flute and
guitar. Some of South Florida's finest

Groups include -

Robert David Billington -
Solo classical flutist.

Rene Gonzalez -
Solo classical guitarist.

The Billington and Gonzalez
Classical Flute and Guitar Duo.

The LGEM Trio - Canadian-born flutist
Robert David Billington,
Peruvian-born guitarist
Roger Bustamante,
Colombian-born MIDI percussionist
Edwin Guerra.

Concerts, recitals, festivals, weddings,
parties, background music.
Solo to quintet. Classical or pop/latin/
Brazilian/light jazz.

When the Summit of the Americas needed
to supply musicians for the White House
to entertain the guests of the Heads of
State of the Western Hemisphere at the
Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, FL,
they called the LGEM Ensemble to provide
the entertainment.

Profile and Credentials        

Flutist Robert David Billington has a
Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in flute
performance from the University of Miami
and is the principal and solo flutist of
the Miami Bach Society Orchestra.

Philosophy and Comments        

"The highest ideal in making music is to determine the affect which the
music itself achieves and then to project that affect to the listener."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        





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