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Rebecca Kelman



Wayne, NJ 07470
United States
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Rebecca Kelman


You’ll discover the unusual, the enchanting, something special to give as a gift or when you want to treat yourself. Please browse our unique selection of featured items, hand painted jewelry boxes, vases, pottery, glass and flower pots. From the understated to the colorful to the whimsical, to gifts that will paint a smile on someone’s face…this is the place to find it. All items are of the finest quality; you have my word on it.

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I have always had the urge to paint inside me, but it wasn't until I was 44 that I let it out. I grew up the daughter of an interior designer. I remember being fascinated with colors and patterns and designs, but between youthful rebellion, and a lack of patience for the detail work that went into my father's work, I pointed myself along an entirely different path. I graduated from college with a BA in Economics (but something inside me still made me minor in Art History). Ignoring my lack of patience for detail, I made a career in the brokerage industry. The initial attraction of all that money, other people's money, lost its appeal in time, and I found myself less and less comfortable in the world. My life turned around one day when my daughter said she wanted a sky on her ceiling. Well, one thing led to another and now she has an entire garden in her room. Once the urge inside me was unleashed, I couldn't put it back in. I discovered flower pots as an outlet for my artistic muse, and that led to the creation of ByBecca. My company continues to grow and now I can create on flower pots, glass, pottery, vases, jewelry boxes and much much more. Big or small, from a wine glass to an entire room, ByBecca can add that personalized artistic touch that you have been seeking. Have paint brush, will travel, just give us a call.

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