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Addiction Recovery Life Coach

Cheryl Frei


Janesville, 53545
United States
T: 608-295-2520


Through Life Coaching you will discover what can become your reality in your life of recovery. As a Recovery Life Coach, I guide you through the things that stand in the way of where you are at now to where it is you want to be. Taking the tools of Recovery and Coaching and putting them to work for you in the real world. Addiction recovery coaching is a great relapse preventative! In recovery you come to learn that you are not as unique as you once thought you were, yet you do have your own personal issues and frustrations. Alone, these things can seem insurmountable. With your addiction recovery life coach, you will gain great strength and courage, and find solutions instead of more problems.

Working with an Addiction recovery life coach is suitable at any stage in your recovery-weather you are a newbie or an old timer. If you are not where you want to be, if you are stumbling in any area of your life or when you have some big challenges to face, or simply wish to challenge yourself to do more, become more...a recovery life coach can help you be more successful in all your endeavors.

Recovery life coaching compliments all of the most popular addiction recovery programs such as the 12 step program, rational recovery, and smart recovery.

Profile and Credentials        

* 15 years of my own personal recovery from drugs and alcohol.

* Non-violent Communication Marshall Rosenberg

* Radical Forgiveness Colin Tipping

* Extreme Freedom The Demartini Method aka the quantum collapse method, allows for a dramatic shift in the heart through authentic mental clarifications.

* Fearless Living Rhonda Britten

* Addiction Recovery Coach Training Crossroads; Alida Schuyler

* Coach Training Graduate School of CoachVille

* Core Dynamics Thomas J. Leonard Schools of Coaching

* Group Leading and Design CoachVille Graduate School of Coaching

* Environmental Design CoachVille Graduate School of Coaching

* The Games of our Lives CoachVille Graduate School of Coaching

Philosophy and Comments        

My mission is to help individuals who are in recovery from their addictions, and the people that love them, find solutions to living a much more joyous, balanced life in sobriety. I can help you create the type of life you will absolutely love to live!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Private individual coaching sessions - 150.00/hour

Group coaching sessions - call for a quote

Speaking engagements






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