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100 meters south of Flora Blanca
Santa Teresa, 88888
Costa Rica


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Red Palm Villas


Red Palm Villas is a private home resort with an exclusive attachment for the use of Florblanca Resort and Milarepa. Surrounded by nature, you'll bask in the serenity of these beautiful two-bedroom villas. Both villas are magnificently handcrafted and offer breath-taking views of our white sand beaches.

Profile and Credentials        

After a relaxing day on the beach, refresh your body, mind, and soul in our one of a kind, tropical open-air showers made for two. The Honeymoon Villa shower is framed with more than 180 degrees of striking beach views and a 10,000 piece, original art mosaic. We think you'll both agree this is one of the more perfect places to end your day and enjoy the sunset.

The upstairs bedroom in both villas is the perfect place to spot several species of birds, iguanas, or monkeys that pass by daily. So sit down, relax, and enjoy unbelievable views from our open and unobstructed two-story villas.

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe that the best experience possible in Costa Rica, is to have the best of both worlds. We provide privacy, elegance, first world quality, great food, swimming pools, beach front views of the best surfing point in the Nicoya Peninsula (Suck Rock), and complete and utter privacy. It' rare to have such access to the best, and be so private.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call any time or email, and we will be happy to let you know the availability and price for the season you request.

Dining and Facilities        

Just steps away on our beautiful white sand beach and you can enjoy fine dining at world famous five star Flor Blanca Resort, or French cuisine at the Milarepa Hotel and restaurant.

As the guests' of the Red Palm Villas, you are invited to enjoy the extended services of our immediate neighbor, Flor Blanca Resort.

Literally just steps away, these services include complimentary Continental breakfasts and pool privileges. Also, feel free to use the spa, yoga dojo and other Flor Blanca facilities at the resort guest rates.

If you prefer a more private setting, schedule an appointment with Red Palm Villas' personal yoga instructor and masseuse in the tranquility and peacefulness of your own villa.

If you feel like staying in for the evening and having a quiet candle light dinner, both villas come with a complete gourmet kitchen. Wine, liqueur, chocolates, cigars and other indulgences are available for your purchases.


The Red Palm Villas are home to world famous surf spot, Suck Rock. But you don't have to be a surfer to have a great time on our beaches. From horseback riding along the beach to canopy tours in our flourishing tropical jungle, there's an activity for everyone. Snorkeling, sea kayaking, as well as chartered fishing, diving, or hiking excursions are available daily. You're sure to have the adventure of a lifetime.

If you're looking for something more relaxing, indulge yourself in a luxuriously long sun-bath in one of the hidden, almost secret, tide pools just out front. Rejuvenate and reflect from one of the many hammocks shaded in our beautiful almond grove. Take a sunset walk along our white sand beaches enjoying some of the very best views Santa Teresa has to offer. Schedule a relaxing sunset massage as the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Staffed with full time maid service, gardeners and security, we assure you your visit here will be private and relaxing.

If Luxury is not an option

The Red Palm Villas should be your choice for a relaxing getaway.

The Honeymoon Villas        

This absolutely unique hand crafted villa features an air-conditioned master bedroom and downstairs sitting room, surrounded by beautiful Costa Rican flora. From the gourmet kitchen to the exquisite open-air shower made for two, this villa has been designed and furnished to provide you with all the luxuries and privacy you would expect to find in an exotic romantic paradise retreat

The Garden Villas        

Words cannot describe and pictures will never be able to capture the beauty and charm that radiates from this magnificent two-story ocean front villa. Surrounded by 270 degrees of amazing beach views the Garden Villa offers the perfect compliment of nature and luxury.

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