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Marguerite Chipp-Matthews, RMT



Spring, TX 77388
United States
T: 281-355-1213




Companion Animal Services


Massage - Homeostatic Touch - Energy Work - Communication - for Companion Animals and the People who love them. Insured. Please call or write for an appointment for your beloved companion.
Massage: We offer Hands-On Workshops for animal professionals, massage therapists and pet owners in Swedish Massage, Positional Release, NMR & Homeostatic Touch. Certifications available as well as specialized classes and individual instruction.
Energy Work: Classes and private instruction in Canine & Feline Reiki
Communication: You can communicate with your animal companion. Let us show you how in private session.

Profile and Credentials        

A mother-daughter partnership, we are Breeders and Exhibitors of champion Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs since 1991. Marguerite has Lived with cats since 1972, with 5+ years living with reptiles. Certified Massage Therapist, Texas Registered Massage Therapist, working with in modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Release, Reiki, Energy Work, Hydrotherapy. Founder and developer of Companion Animal Massage, a system designed specifically for the needs of our 4-legged companions. In addition to her private massage practice, she has provided instruction to dog clubs and animal professionals privately and at events and provided canine massage services for the Purina Dog Food Company. Marguerite is theauthor of "Massage For the Canine Athelete", "Massage Your Dog With Love" and "Massage Your Cat With Love".

Marguerite is the founder of the Houston Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, past Secretary of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Texas, Member and By-Laws Committee Member of RRCUS. She has been involved in the dog fancy for over 13 years as an exhibitor and breeder of champion Rhodesian Ridgebacks. She first studied animal massage in 1975. In addition to her regular animal practice she provides massage to Handlers of competitive canines.

Philosophy and Comments        

Treat animals with the same love and respect that you would afford a human being. Keep lines of non-verbal communication open. Respect an animal's ability to feel pleasure and pain and to feel that he is in charge of his own body. When teaching someone about Companion Animal Massage make sure that person understands the principles of non-verbal communication and the overriding importance of that modality.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible work and fee schedule.
Please see the Companion Animal Services web page for more information.





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