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Jeanmarie Vorabutra



Bangkok Thailand
Bangkok, Asia 10240
T: (662)373-2722
F: (662)373-277


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Jeanmarie - Reiki Bangkok


I teach all all levels of Tradional Reiki at your time and place of convenience in Bangkok, Thailand.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been teaching Traditional Reiki
since 1995.

Philosophy and Comments        

I like to teach one on one or small
groups so that each student has
the attention they need to truly
learn how to use Reiki energy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

At student's convenience
1 hour Treatment/Aura cleansing-B1400
Reiki 1- B5000
Reiki 2-B7000
ART - B7000
Mastership B23,000





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