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Butterfly Integrative Healing Arts


Butterfly Integrative Healing Arts offers classes, training, workshops, and healing sessions for people of all ages as well as for groups and corporations. Modalities utilized include Reiki, T'ai Chi, Ch'i Kung, Meditation, and specialized applications of these arts. In addition to my school in the Central Connecticut area, programs and classes are offered at various locales, including Hospitals, Community Colleges, Wellness Centers, Senior Centers, Town Cont. Ed. Programs, etc...I am also available for lectures and demos. on all aspects of these wonderful mind/body disciplines. I can also travel to your location to teach- "Have Reiki, Will Travel!" All programs are of high quality and geared towards assisting people in achieving their highest level of Health, Vitality, and Balance.

Profile and Credentials        

I began my healing journey sixteen years ago as a response to various serious mental and physical challenges. It has been an interesting and circuituos path, but today I find myself a happier, stronger, and more balanced individual. I have had to undergo much internal change and growth, but thanks to discipline and the many inspiring teachers and healers I have met along the way I now find myself in a position to act as a positive force for change in others. I have practiced, studied and taught various healing arts from the Usui, Karuna, Buddho/Enersense, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Burmese/ Tibetan traditons daily and intensely. In addition to Butterfly I am also the Chief Instructor of The White Lotus Martial Arts Center (est. 1977). Credentials/certifications include: Independent Reiki Master/Teacher; Sifu level instructor in the Chinese arts of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Ch'i Kung, and Shaolin; credentialed Integrative Medicine Consultant and Preventative Health Practitoner. I am a professional member of the International Ass. of Reiki Professionals, The CT Holistic Health Ass., The Arthritis Foundation, and The White Lotus Society. I have also been published in international magazines such as T'ai Chi, Qi Journal, and The Empty Vessel. The journey continues

Philosophy and Comments        

The Butterfly is a symbol of evolution, change, transformation, and beauty. All of the arts and services I offer exemplify this philosophy. I am dedicated to daily self-healing, practice and discipline as the teacher and healer operates best when what they offer comes from the heart and experience. No book, title, degree, or course can take the place of this. We must learn to embody and transmit the living essence and energies of healing and transformation so that students and clients can thereby heal, transform, and empower themselves. An old Zen saying comes to mind, "To a Free Spirit, a Free World!"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Butterfly's evening programs run Monday-Thursday from 500-1000pm. Community College Reiki Classes are held on Saturday's. Personal appointment reiki classes are held on available Friday's and Sunday's. Healing sessions are available weekdays and weekends. Evening healing sessions are possible in the with enough advance notice. Personal and corporate training is also available. Fees for services vary according to program so please contact me for details. I am happy to work with the financially challenged.





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