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Renda Writer



665 Glouchester St. #10
Boca Raton, FL 33487
United States
T: 310-404-4184


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Renda Writer


Renda listened to his inner voice. It told him to be a poet. His inspiration for writing comes from everywhere. He hones his craft daily and truly understands the power of the written word. His charisma when on stages is unparalleled. Whether reciting one of his own pieces, hosting an event, or speaking to a group of people, Renda's wit, showmanship, and charisma always light up the stage. He's doing this for all the right reasons, and that's why he'll go far with it.

Profile and Credentials        

Renda has performed at:

Nu-Yorican Poets Café – NYC, NY

Bowery Poetry Club — NYC, NY

Louder Arts Series – Bar 13 – NYC, NY

Westside Rhyme – Swift – NYC, NY

Sunday Poetry Series – The Knitting Factory – NYC, NY

Soul Talent Showcase – Planet Hollywood – NYC, NY

Open Mic – B3 – NYC, NY

Amateur Night @ The Apollo Theatre – Harlem, NY

Strivers Café – Harlem, NY

Hottestpoet.com Slam – Harlem, NY

Open Mike – The Nakamal – Boca Raton, FL

Poets Anonymous Slam – Dada – Delray Beach, FL

Spittfiya Productions Slam – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Coral Springs High School Poetry Workshop – Coral Springs, FL

Atlantic High School Poetry Workshop – Delray Beach, FL

Durty Wordz – Erotic Poetry Slam – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Voices & Vybes Slam – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Power Studios – 1st Wednesdays – Miami, FL

Mello Mondays – The District – Miami, FL

Nest Slam – Miami, FL

Philosophy and Comments        

Renda lives his life by a slogan, a slogan that he made up. It's only two words long, but it speaks volumes: "Pimp Yourself."

He breaks it down like this: "If you've got talent of any kind, then you owe it to yourself to pimp yourself. It's you that should make the most money off of, and have the most creative control over, anything that you do. Pimp yourself before someone else does. Use the left brain smarts to make use of the right brain creations. That's how to turn your passion into a career.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Renda is available for bookings throughout the year. He is available as:

A feature performer

An event host

A seminar panelist

A workshop conductor/organizer

A public speaker

An adjunct professor

A freelance writer

A poetry slam guest judge

A motivational speaker


Anything else you might need him for

Please contact him directly to arrange a booking and to discuss pricing and fees.

He Looks Familiar...Didn't I See Him On TV?        

In the summer of 2003 Renda's face and poetry were seen and heard by 8 million people during his 11-week appearance as a finalist on the CBS reality dating show, Cupid, produced by Simon Cowell from American Idol.

For More Info:

What's He Working On Now?        

Renda has four projects in the works, including.

"Eclectic Poetic" (CD)
- This full-length album will showcase Renda's poetry several forms. Each track on the album has his poems backed up in a different way, with production styles ranging everywhere within a broad spectrum that includes hip-hop beats, live instrumentation, sound effects, ambient sounds, and creative new styles of production.

"Poems & Ideas" (Book)
- A book of half poems & half ideas. The poems are poems of all sorts...short, long, funny, rhymed verse, serious, intense, light hearted, structured, unstructured, vague, introspective, etc. The ideas are ideas of all sorts...ideas for businesses to start, ideas for short films, ideas for documentaries, journal entries, ideas for books, etc.

"The Book With No Focus" (Book)
- As the title implies, this book has no central focus... no plot, no chapter divisions, no footnotes, no story, no linear progression. And that is what makes this book beatiful. It is merely a long collection of completely random thoughts from off the top Renda's head, an unedited and unseparated flow of words and ideas that takes you right inside of Renda's head

"Show & Tell" (DVD)
- This DVD includes some of Renda's live performances, along with footage of him performing his poems in various outdoor and indoor settings.

Where Else Can I Find Renda On The Web?        




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