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Jan Loomis



at Sacred Rivers Yoga inGlastonbury and CT Center for Human Growth and Development in Colchester, CT
Plainville, CT 06062
United States
T: 860-402-1928, 860-86


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reSource therapeutic massage andbodywork


I have taken the various courses and combined the best of what works for my clients so that I can facilitate their ability to re- source themselves. Learning to listen to their bodies and being able to integrate the information into their lives allows my clients to live happier, less pain filled and more rewarding lives.

Profile and Credentials        

Graduate of Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. I have taken four Upledger core courses including two Cranial and two somato emotional release classes. I am a teaching assistant for Upledger Institute. I have finished three years of study on body centered therapy at the CT Center for Human Growth and Development in Colchester, CT. And I have also taken classes from Center IMT in Bloomfield, CT and post graduate courses at CCMT and SCSU.

Philosophy and Comments        

Each person's body is created from all of the experiences of their life. When pain and dis-ease become dominant in a person's life, a skilled bodyworker can help a person release the trauma and heal themself.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours are currently available Mondays,Tuesdays and Fridays from 8AM to 8 PM. I ask clients to commit to at least 10 weekly sessions to notice a difference. Depending on what is going on, sometimes that is sufficient. Sessions cost $65.00/hour.





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