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Janny Castillo



Oakland, CA 94607
United States
T: 510 395-7035






It is possible to live without hurt, fear and anger. These are negative vibrations that can be released or transformed through energy work.

I have studied and practiced vibrational medicine for over 6 years. I have taken Reiki I & II and after learning Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing, the healings I facilitated increased in effectiveness exponentially. I practiced healing myself, my family and then anyone who asked. The results were incredible.

Profile and Credentials        

Healing modalities that I have been practising for over 7 years: Reiki, Pranic Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, DNA Theta Healing and DNA Activation which can heal at many levels, including childhood and adult trauma at the soul level. Pranic healing can cleanse and energize the etheric body including the chakra system.

One very special healing involved a young girl who as a result of a rape, become pregnant and had decided to have an abortion. She was overwhelmed with feelings of remorse and guilt. I, along with divine intervention, applied Pranic Psychotherapy and after 30 minutes she was greatly relieved. I have many stories like these.

My clairvoyance and psychic abilities has increased significantly since I began facilitating healings. Regular energy treatments can clear the pathway to your inner soul and connect you to the divine, releasing your true self.

Philosophy and Comments        

Before we existed on this physical plane in this lifetime, before all lifetimes.. who were we, what were we?

We are all made up of the same elements. Add the metaphysical, this light takes on spirit and consciousness. Stripped of this physical body, released from this physical plane, we are beings of light, constantly moving, transforming, becoming.

"Returning to Light" means to touch that which you already are. To recognize that you are the dreamer as well as the dream, to travel to and submerge yourself in Source, the creation place. To bring this light, your light, back to this physical plane where it will give you strength, health, peace of mind and above all a "knowing" that All is Well and in Divine Order.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Home and Office Appointments are available on weekends and evenings. Service Fee: $50 an hour, average treatment lasts 90 minutes. Long distance and phone healings are available.

Free Pranic Healing Available
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
Twin Hearts Meditation
All are welcome
3099 Telegraph Avenue, entrance on Prince Street





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