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Allen, Rey - Certified Advanced Rolfer ®

Rey Allen


145 East 16th St. (at 3rd ave) Ground FL.
New York, NY 10003
United States
T: 917.539.1707

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Rey Allen, Certified Advanced Rolfer ®


Not to be confused with 'deep-tissue massage', ROLFING is the most effective way of getting to the source of a postural or structural problem.

ROLFING is a hands-on approach to correcting posture. Through subtle reshaping of the soft tissue, ROLFING returns the body to its proper alignment.

There is a growing amount of mainstream scientific research documenting the effectiveness of Rolf therapy. A 1988 study published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association indicated that Rolfing greatly influenced the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help speed the recovery of damaged tissue. Other studies done in the 1980s concerned the effectiveness of Rolfing in treating figure skaters, self confidence and children with cerebral palsy. In 1992 a presentation was made to the National Center of Medical Rehabilitation Research regarding Rolfing in the treatment of degenerative joint disease. A 1997 article in The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy reported that Rolfing can provide effective and sustained pain relief from lower back problems. The Department of Movement Behavior at UCLA in conjunction with the California Department of Mental Hygiene has shown with Rolfing creates a more efficient use of muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates economical and refined patterns of movement.

Basically, ROLFING provides real and lasting relief for chronic or recent aches and pains, including:

~ Poor posture

~ Muscle tension

~ Injuries


~ Neck pain & Headaches

~ Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

~ Carpal Tunnel

~ Helps with poor digestion (Visceral Manipulation)

~ Low back pain

~ Tight hips

~ Foot pain from breaks, high or low arches

Professional History:

Professional Bodyworker for 14 years. Certified Rolfer for 8 years.

For the last 2 years I have been an assistant teacher to a prominent Rolf Instructor on the subject of BioMechanics assisting in over 20 classes to Rolfers internationally.

Sept 08 to May 09, I’m enrolled in multiple classes abroad to receive my advanced certification with the European Rolfing Association.

In addition to my advanced certification, I am currently enrolled in a 2-year certification in Visceral Manipulation with The Barral Institute.

Specialized skills: BioMechanics, Visceral Manipulation.

Please forward this to anyone you know that might benefit from these services.


Profile and Credentials        

After years of traveling the world pursuing my education, with hundreds of hours in class, I have decided to transplant my private practice and make NYC my new home.

Testimonies from a few of my clients.

Justin Whalan, Actor, Dancer, Painter:

The Rolfing technique has unlocked so many problems that have ailed me for too long. It is an almost unbelievable system of healing. I have been to acupuncturists, chiropractors, doctors, and massage therapists of varying styles. None have come close to the exchange that I have received from our short time together. The presence and ease I have come to in my body has raised my level of vitality and overall sense of peace. I wish everyone could experience this type of bodywork. Many, many thanks."

Ann Peek, Registered Massage Therapist:

"My experience with Rolfing has been very growth inducing. After getting Rolfed, my hips now swing as I walk. I feel much more stable and not so tipsy when I move. I used to have one or two migraines a week. Medication would stop them, but the number of occurrences remained the same. After getting Rolfed, the samples of the medication I used to take are almost expired. I also suffered from an almost continuous ache in one hip. I would have an Osteopathic manipulation every two to three weeks. Since undergoing the Rolfing process I no longer experience the discomfort any more. I recommend Rolfing to everyone. My only regret is that I did not start this earlier."

Susan Neal:

"My journey through Rolfing has been wonderful. It has enabled me to become truly present with my feelings for the first time in a long while. The work has a profound effect on the body, emotions and spirit. In July, when we began the Rolfing, my back was very slumped over and my legs were very crooked. The arches in my feet were too high and my chest was extremely restricted. I was a total mess! As we worked in opening up my physical body a lot of emotional pain was released. Through the years I stored a lot of pain in those tissues. As they were released I had the opportunity to feel and heal. FEELING IS HEALING!!! I no longer need the pain. I am more self confident, standing more in my power and have been making wiser decisions. I have more freedom of self-expression from my heart. After 3 months of Rolfing my back is aligned and my arches are balanced allowing my feet to contact the ground. My neck looks and feels great, my rib cage is open. I really am in my body and experiencing it for the first time in my life. I feel good and believe this is very spiritual work. I didn't realize I had my spirit so cramped up inside, now that my body is open, I have more room for my spirit. Actually, it's a little scary, I have never experienced life as an open person before, I'm 50 yrs old and very determined to do life differently for the second half!!! More Joy!!! More Play!!! Chilling Out!!!

Philosophy and Comments        

Better Posture = Better Health

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