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Rick Reynolds



9700 Business Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95827
United States
T: 916 715 4033


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Rick Reynolds, CCHT



I'm Rick Reynolds and I'm a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Energy Therapist and Reiki Master and Quantum Touch healer. I help clients all over the country become their true selves. Sometimes that involves losing weight or quitting smoking, other times it involves increasing self esteem or overcoming sexual problems.

I use hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, and life coaching skills to help break up negative thought patterns and habitual ways of being that keep you from being your true self.

I offer Reiki training, as well as ongoing classes in personal growth which involve a group process I created called TranceBreakers.

Profile and Credentials        

I feel like I've been doing this work my entire life. I have a bachelors degree in communication studies from CSUS, 200 hours of hypnotherapy training from HCH Institute, and six months of interning in a low fee hypnotherapy clinic with close supervision. I also have over 100 hours of advanced hypnotherapy training in hypnosis for weight issues, spirit releasement, sand play, and NLP. I am a Certified Life Coach completing an extensive coaching program for healing professionals. I'm certified in energy therapy and have more than 500 hours of clinical experience using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I'm was on the faculty of HCH Institute in Lafayette one of the oldest Hypnotherapy schools in the United States for two years. I'm also owner of a Sacramento Catering company and I'm a former TV journalist with 18 years experience in television news management.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that you are an amazingly powerful being. That you have inside you deep wisdom, and unequaled love. My job is to help you discover and tap into your own unlimited potential. There is a wise being inside each of us and I am so lucky to get to talk to the wisest parts of so many people. Every day I hear the wisest most enlightened words from clients deep in trance. It will be interesting to hear what the wise one in you has to say.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I work with clients all over the world via phone every Thursday from 10am-10pm. I see clients in Sacramento on Mondays from 10-10, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1-10. I see clients in Lafayette on Fridays from 8am-10pm. My fees are $120 an hour. I see a limited number of special need clients at reduced rates. Coaching clients who agree to a minimum three month coaching contract pay just $200 a month and get two hours of my time divided into as many as four thirty minute sessions.





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