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Steven Riley



8445 Bennington Way
Sacramento, CA 95826
United States


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Steve Riley Band


Steve Riley and Wyman Harrel have recently opened their new record company and studio. Also, the band has just released to radio their new four-song promo EP. The full album will be released this summer.

Like ...Miles From Nowhere", the new album will contain music from several genre's and styles. The CD will include six (6) new songs (four of them included on the EP), one (1) cover song (Cat Stevens), and two (2) songs from the first album mixed with a little "Factor Flair". Enjoy.

Profile and Credentials        

Steve Riley's composistions have received many accolades from music professionals and industry personel. They include:

* Publishing Contract - "Lets Make It Clear"

* Radio Airplay - Reached #1 on charts.

* Inclusion in Sheheshe, Bullseye Canada and

Guardian Productions Compilation CD's.

* Semi-Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest.

* Honorable Mention in both the Billboard and

American Songwriting Contests.

* Excellent reviews from top-notch music reviewers

Keith "Muzikman" Hannalick, Scope Music Magazine

and Rambles Cultural Arts Magazine.

Philosophy and Comments        

Steve Riley, the bands singer-songwriter, believes that if you write "good music", people who enjoy good music, will listen. The bands songs have been catagorized into several genre's and styles. Some of them include AAA, Blues, Folk Rock, Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock, Americana and Country.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (or by appointment)

Recording $30.00 per hour

The Riley-Wyman Factor        

A new 4-song promo has just been released to 300 radio stations to establish a "buzz" for the soon to be released full album by the same name. Release date for the full album is July 15, 2006.




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