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Charles Gray


I hope you're keeping your blood sugar levels under control! Trust me, you do not want to develop any of the common health problems caused by Diabetes. Not only will they change your life, but they will eventually KILL YOU. It's that serious. Our Breakthrough Products for Diabetes are Lowering Blood Sugar Rates an average of 31.9% within 30 Days with a 90 Day Money Back with a 96% Success Rate! A 1999 Nobel Prize and a U.S. Court Case along with FDA & FTC Compliance, makes our credibility sound.

Profile and Credentials        

These products are available as a result of a New, Exclusive and Internationally Patented Biotechnology called FoodMatrix. The superiority of our products and technology was not only confirmed by a United States District Court(Case # C8920658SW), it was further verified and validated by the 1999 Nobel Prize for Medicine and backed up with a 90 day money back. You can't find any better credibility than that anywhere! "I recommend these products to all my Diabetic patients because they get results without side effects. The technology is superior to anything else I've ever seen." Dr. James Mitchell, McAllen, TX

Philosophy and Comments        

Ideally, vitamins and minerals should be available in the food we eat. It follows that our supplements should be as close as possible to food form. FoodMatrix nutrients are vitamins and minerals bonded in a food matrix, without the water and the fiber. In the edible portions of our natural foods, vitamins and minerals are always found in protein complexes. They are never found as isolated pure molecules and they are never found to be bonded to other chemicals. Vitamins and minerals which are present in food are contained within a complex matrix of proteins + carbohydrates + lipids + enzymes + Bioflavonoids + trace elements. Isolated chemical nutrients (health food/drug store type) may be absorbed, but when they enter the body, there is no mechanism to target their delivery. The body does not recognize them. So, they are either deposited in the wrong places, which causes problems, or they are flushed right back out of the body. FoodMatrix nutrients, on the other hand, are delivered by the protein chaperones to the cells that need the nutrients and, more specifically, to the right sites within the cell.

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Call, email, visit our website, fax me anytime in PST zone. Remember this Food that is in pill form has a 90 money back! But it also has a 96% success rate. Charles & Dolene Gray 7204 Oak Tree Pl Monterey, Ca 93940 Home # 831/658-0665 Fax # 775/429-2209 www.sportron4life.com





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