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Claire Didion



842 East Washington St, Suite B
San Diego, CA 92103
United States
T: 619-203-7152


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Sacred Path Healing Center


Licensed Acupunturist Classical Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy NAET allergy elimination Shamanic Energy Medicine Lightworks Hypnosis Sacredpath Healing Center utilize mind/body /spirit integrative therapies, and provide resources and information to help our cleints reset their natural state of being to that of radient health. We are the bridge of healing between the current state and the new default state of radiant health.

Profile and Credentials        

Claire Didion is licensed to practice Chinese medicine in New York and California and is nationally as well. She has been practicing Lightwork healing since 1984,Classical Chinese Medicine since 1995, and Shamanism as long as she can remember.Her teachers include, Jeffrey Yuen, an 87th generation lineage holder of the Jade Purity School, Alberto Villoldo and jose Luis Herrara , teachers of Inca medicine tradition among others.

Philosophy and Comments        

My commitment is to provide physicla, mental and spiritual healing for people deeply committed to their own healing so that they benefit humanity and the healing of the earth through achieving their maximum potential of health, vitality and clarity through living their dreams.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours vary by day, Classes available - consult web site. Call or email for currently scheduled classes and fee schedule and to make appointments.

Feng Shui and Shamanic Space clearing        

Feng Shui for Health utilizes Taoist principles of interaction with the seasons, elements and the environment in order to make your home or work environment support your health and vitality. We also incorporate techniques from Egyptian and shamanic traditions to energetically clear and realign living spaces to the earth's energy grid so that your home becomes a lighted source of healing for the inhabitants and the earth itself.




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