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Masankho Banda



PMB 101, 1185 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
United States
T: 510 773 7328
F: 800 201 4932


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UCanDanc' African Healing Arts


Profile and Credentials        

Masankho Banda, a native of Malawi is an International PeaceBuilder, Educator, InterPlay Leader and Healer who resides in Oakland, California. His work with UCanDanc’ African Healing Arts, Institute for PeaceBuilding and Bodywisdom Inc. has taken him to Europe, Africa, Asia and all over the United States. He has worked with world leaders, students, children in all different arenas of life. Masankho is a very gifted leader who weaves together story, dance, drumming, song and uses the wisdom of his ancestors to facilitate his healing, leading and teaching. He has a BA in Theater and Dance and an MA in Culture and Spirituality and is the recipient of the "Unsung Hero's of Compassion" award from his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Everyday - 9am to 8pm Fees schedule by Vary -- Please ask for details

African Dance & Drumming        

I grew up with African dance in my home country of Malawi. Dance was one of the main pillars of any community. In my workshops and interactive performances students will learn some of the basic steps that make up Africa Dance. Even though there is a variety of dance on the African Continent there are some basic steps that are common to all African dance:

Here is what students will get from my Workshops & Performances

• Learn African Dance Steps from all over Africa
• Learn how African chants go with African Dance
• Gain an understanding of the different types of African music
• Learn about African Culture and African people
• Learn about Traditional African music & Modern African music

Students will learn African Dances that celebrate the various cycles of life in Africa

Birth / Puberty/adolescence / Marriage / Planting and Harvesting / Dances of the four Seasons / Community Building / Nature in all its Beauty / God and African Spirituality / Death and Our Ancestors / Peace and Non-violence

Below are some of the long term benefits of my workshops for students:
• To instill and nurture in the students a curiosity to learn about the different cultures of the People of the African Continent
• Introduce to the students and instill in them a long term love of dance and appreciation for what it can do for
communities around the world, including the one they will live in.
• Introduce them to dance as a means to achieving long term physical and mental health
• Improve coordination and motor skills
• Improve Self Esteem and ability for Self expression

Storytelling Workshops and performances!        

When I was growing up in Malawi, there was always someone who was telling me a story. Stories were used to entertain, to teach values and morality and to improve cultural understanding. Stories also taught me how to express myself. We are all storytellers. However, we all can be better storytellers. In my presentations I combine performance with teaching.

. In my performance/workshops students will:
• Learn how use their voice properly
• Learn how to fully express characters
• Learn how to pace their stories
• Plot development & Character development
• Learn how to use the body
• The art of improvising stories
• The art of telling stories in groups (duets & more)
• Learn how and when to use accents
• Learn how to effectively use eye contact
• Experience the cultures of different peoples

Here are some of the long term benefits of my workshops:

• Students will learn to value the spoken word
• Students will improve their speaking abilities in all arenas of their lives
• Improve their self esteem
• Learn about the positive and negative aspects of the spoken word
• Learn more about people and the world that we live in
Some of the stories that are in my repetoire are:
• The little Boy who liked to get dirty (a story about acceptance)
• The Laughing River (a story about peace)
• The Animals have a picnic ( a story about Friendship)
• The Little girl and the Star Fish (anyone can be a hero)
• The Man who liked to take Pictures (a story about kindness)
• This house is too Crowded (be grateful for what we have)
• The Little rich boy and the little poor boy ( a story about greed)
and many more……

Peace and Conflict Resolution        

For the past 15 years I have done a lot of work with students around the issue of peace and conflict resolution. In the world of today it is important for us to teach our children how to be peaceful and how to resolve their issues in a peaceful way. It is natural that as human being we will have conflicts, the key is being able to resolve these conflicts peacefully. As a dancer and actor I use role plays and interactivity in my workshops as I believe that this is the best way to convey these lessons.

In the Assembly students will learn :

• The use of “I” statements in conflict situations
• The use of mediation to resolve conflicts
• The importance of eye contact
• The effect of body language
• The correct and incorrect use of language
• The importance of breathing or “taking a moment”
• Understanding cultural differences and their effect on conflict
• Understanding all other differences and their effect on conflict
• The importance of effective and active listening
• How to respect other people

In the Assemblies I use:

• Interactive Stories that have peace and non-violence as their central theme
• Songs and dances from Africa and around the world that promote peace and togetherness
• Interactive role plays that are designed to illustrate the points listed above
• Stories about people who have and are current peace leaders (Gandhi, ML King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Harriet Tubman, Rigorberta Menchu etc….)

The results that you can expect from this workshop are:

• Students who understand the value of dialogue over violence
• Less chance of Violence in the Classroom and on School grounds
• A Teaching Environment that is Conducive to learning
• Students who will become future Peace Leaders because they understand the role that past and present leaders are playing to promote and keep peace
• Students who understand and respect Differences

The Peace and Non violent conflict resolution workshop is Interactive and engages the mind and body of the Students. Dance, Stories and Role Plays are used to convey the message of creating and Peaceful School, Community and World

Thai & swedish Massage        

Healing Massage - using ancient healing modalities from Asia in the oldest of healing methods, massage combines assisted Yoga, ayervedic medicine and breathing to improve circulation and range of motion.

Healing Rituals from Africa that help with all aspects of life - Relationships, Health, Fertility, Career, Bereavement & Loss etc.

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