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Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood


22 C New Leicester Highway, #159
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
T: 828-242-0680

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This website offers tools for parents who are searching for perspectives on family spirituality. These tools are by no means a complete form or spirituality for your family. They are meant to complement what you already practice as a family. These tools include meditation techniques that help children find their own form of peace, promote better physical health and lead them to a better understanding of who they are. These meditations for children also help strengthen parent-child relationships when parents and children practice them together.

Profile and Credentials        

Sarah has a bachelors in Fine Art and her cross cultural meditation training includes American Board of Hypnotherapy Certification, Vipassana (Buddhist), a four-year internship with regression therapy master (Western Shamanism), Huna practitioner training (Hawaiian), Reiki, Level II (Japanese) and ongoing Yoga instruction (Hindu). Sarah is also a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and North Carolina Writers’ Network.

Philosophy and Comments        

I teach a technique called Sensational Meditation, which is based on the five senses. It’s as easy as closing your eyes and imagining what a tree looks like, noticing a physical feeling or emotion or even listening to a soothing bell tone. This simplistic approach makes Sensational Meditation a perfect practice for children. I push no dogmatic concepts or strict disciplines. Instead, I teach straightforward skills using meditations from all over the world. Higher self esteem, improved focus, better reading skills, closer relationships with family members and better health are just a few of the benefits parents, therapists and teachers who use these techniques are raving about.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Three week classes are $115.





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