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Arlene Colver



44030 Dodd Dr.
Cable, WI 54821
United States
T: 715-794-2638


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Lifelight University


An Esoteric College of Light and Community of Lightbearers, Lifelight University provides a "Living" Space for healing and spiritual awakening.

Profile and Credentials        

Arlene and Mervin "Beaver" Colver have over twenty years of experience and training in the metaphysical and healing arts.Beaver is a Reiki Master and Esoteric Astrologer. Arlene is a Doctor of Naturopathy, noted author and Minister of Universal Concordance. She channels the Master Sinat Schirah and other universal energies.

Philosophy and Comments        

We endeavor to find what is right with you and encourage all to reach their highest potential in body, mind and spirit. Providing workshops, seminars and spiritual retreats as well as alternative ceremonies for weddings, funerals and christening.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please call for an appointment, we try to be accommodating to all our visitors.Fees vary according to services. The Labyrinth is always free.





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