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Eileen M. Fitzpatrick



Brookyn, NY 11231-4350
T: 718 753 7686
F: 718 855 3786




Self & Space, Inc.


~ Alleviate Stress, Pain, Illness, Instability ~
~ Harmonize Your Health, Wealth, Relationships ~
~ Live an Excellent Life, Manifest Your Passion~

BRENNAN HEALING SCIENCES ~ For Your Overall Personal Well-Being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
FENG SHUI ~ For Your Healthy Space (home or office)
COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS ~ For Your True Exchange And Connection With Others Through Listening

Personal, private sessions and group workshops given on-site or remote worldwide

Profile and Credentials        

Holistic Healing Arts Practitioner

My approach to HEALING is about you and your space. My extensive background in energy therapies, gives me unique cures grounded in integrity and safety for overall well-being, realigning distorted energy blocks, enhancing chi and supporting you in manifesting your passion by working through life’s challenges.

I partner with many Spiritual Healers and Feng Shui professionals. I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and the Metropolitan Institute Feng Shui Studies and train with the Institute for Global Listening and Communications.

My travels through Europe, the Middle East and Asia have helped me to integrate an understanding of sacred ch’i and personal transformation.

My healing work is with people and with animals.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

BRENNAN HEALING SCIENCES for overall personal well-being; private appointments in Brooklyn, NY/remote sessions worldwide

BTB FENG SHUI for your healthy space; on-site visits and workshops - Americas and Europe

COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST for your true exchange and connection with others; Life Development Coaching in Communications and workshops worldwide





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