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Sue Heldenbrand



Lafayette, LA 70506
United States
T: (337) 232-4799
F: (337) 232-4799




Integrative Healing


Sue is a holistic practitioner in the healing arts. She is certified in Healing Touch and Integrated Energy Therapy(getting the issues out of the tissues). She also uses Reiki and Quantum Touch as each session is individualized to meet the needs of the person at that time. These energy-based approaches help to remove blocks that are preventing someone from being healed. The individual's willingness to heal and be healed are an important part in the healing process. As a facilitator in that healing process, Sue helps to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself by bringing the body back into balance and harmony.

Profile and Credentials        

Sue became involved with Healing Touch in 1998 and received her certification as a Healing Touch practitioner in 2002. She is also a Certified Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, a Reiki Master Instructor, and a Quantum Touch Practitioner(using focused breath work to relieve pain and blocked energy. Sue has been a guest speaker for numerous organizations, as well as presenting at state conferences. Working with local hospitals and Hospice doing energy-based workshops has given her experience in many areas. She has written articles on energy work for alternative and complementary newsletters. Currently, Sue trains child care workers for continuing education classes in several cities in Louisiana. She has been able to integrate energy-based therapies in local hospital’s operating and recovery rooms as well as providing these therapies to newborn babies at a local hospital. She has volunteered at health fairs and cancer survivor retreats offering integrative healing therapies. Sue assists with Healing Touch classes at a local massage College. She is a provider for the Healing Arts Network, a division of American Life Care Insurance. In addition, because of the devastation from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Sue is working with Volunteers of America in their disaster relief and recovery program as a stress management counselor working with PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder). Sue has a private practice in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Philosophy and Comments        

The type of work that I do is heart centered. I feel that in order to do this type of work, one needs to come from a space of compassion and unconditional love. I truly love what I do and feel blessed to be at this point in my life that I am fulfilling my heart's desire in what I am doing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sessions may be set up on an individual basis. For those in the Lafayette, La. area, sessions may be scheduled at my office. If you are outside of the Lafayette area and would like to have a long distance session in the privacy of your home, that is available. These sessions would require that an appointment be made when it is convenient for you to be undisturbed for approximately one hour.

Sessions are $55 for one or $135 for a series of 3 prepaid sessions, which can be used at any time.

Are you experiencing pain in any areas of your life?        

Have you felt that there must be a natural, therapeutic way to relieve the pain in your life, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain? Has it been difficult to resolve these challenges? Energy-based approaches to healing compliment whatever traditional or alternative therapies that you may be already doing. Each person is unique within themselves and heal in their own time. Someone may see dramatic results and others may have more subtle changes over a period of time. Clients experiencing pain from fibromyalgia or back and neck pain have noticed relief from these sessions.

Is stress getting the best of you?        

Stress is a stalker that we don't see. Have you gone through any emotional or physical trauma? Physical and mental problems may be related to stress and anxiety. Stress can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Some health experts say that 90% of disease and illness is stress related. When you are under a lot of stress, your life may be filled with negativity. A negative mental state is the breeding ground for illness. The most common blocks to healing are negative attitudes and emotions that many people carry around all the time. These blocks must be overcome for healing to occur. Energy based therapies provide relaxation and reduce stress and give you a sense of well-being and calm. When your body is in a relaxed state, it is in a better position to heal.

Energy-based therapy as a prevention to illness        

These healing approaches to health work with the energy fields that surround your body. As the congested or blocked energy that is in your energy field is balanced and re-patterned, this may help prevent problems from manifesting in your physical body or reduce its severity. In this respect, energy-based therapies may prevent illness. The practitioner works with the whole person,not just the symptoms. The goal is to bring the person back to balance and wholeness, addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of that person.

Willingness to be healed        

All that it takes is a willingness to be open to the possibilites of receiving a healing. This could be the greatest gift that you give to yourself...THE GIFT OF HEALING!


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