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Sharon Siegel


New York City
New York, New York 10030
United States
T: 212-570-6186

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Sharon Siegel is a New York City based Feng Shui design Consultant, who combines her professional Feng Shui training with per passionate ability to incorporate interior design specifics for residential and commercial properties. her talents create harmony thru design in very facet of her feng shui design consulting business.

Sharon integrates classical feng shui with eastern traditional practices. She is trained in doing space clearings, rituals and blessing ceremonies. She combines all this with her intuitive awarness of color and interior design.

Sharon also possesses the ability to incorporate work in kinesiology - the art of healing and working with crystals energy work and their proper placement in the environment. Advising on minerals provides Sharon a unique method of responding to her clients needs, and can accelerate her client's goals when used in conjunction with Feng Shui Design.

Profile and Credentials        

Sharon holds certificates from the Metropolitan School of Interior Design, The BTB Professional Feng Shui Program in new York City. She has studied feng shui with many well known teachers, Professor Lin Yun, Steven Post, Edgar Sung, David Kennedy, Karen Kingston, Melanie Lewandowski. She has studied classical feng shui with Roger Green at the New York School of Feng Shui. She has studied chinese astrology with Edgar Sung and David Twicken.

Sharon has been a student of Alex Stark well know consultant for 6 years. She completed his 5 year Shaman Training Program. She has studied basic and advanced feng shui principles, Nine Star feng shui and space clearing, blessing ceremonies and rituals with him.

Sharon started studying crystal healing work with JB Brown in 1987 where she had the work done on her and studied with her for almost 6 years. She is now studying Mika who is recognized worldwide for his excellence in teaching on cyrstals and energy healing work.

She also has been in the design and home furnishing industry for over 20 years.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy is to achieve harmony and balance in the environment, which supports the individual and the community. An environment that is harmonious and well-balanced will liberate one's vitality and creativity. It will open opportunities for new purposes, visions, and objectives. Feng Shui is an amazing tool in creating these environments, simultaneously working towards realizing the immediate goals and long term plans.

The primary way toward reaching this goal consists of maximizing positive energetic potential, while simultaneously minimizing negative factors.

The Feng Shui consultant is therefore to identify the negative and positive factors in the environment and suggest methods of accomplishing this through design and cures towards balancing both.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

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