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Sheila Wright



Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 8C7
T: 250-769-2378
F: 250-762-2762




Feng Shui And Energy Balancing Services


Feng Shui and Energy Balancing Specialist, Sheila Wright offers feng shui and environmental energy balancing services, sometimes called space clearing, to residential and commercial clients throughout the Okanagan and greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as well as internationally.

She is also a Psych-K Facilitator.

Profile and Credentials        

Sheila Wright is an International Feng Shui Consultant and Energy Balancing Specialist. She is trained in Traditional Compass School (East-West and Flying Stars), Form School and Western Style Feng Shui.

She is an experienced spiritual dowser, having been trained by the famous Australian dowser, Eric Dowsett. She identifies and facilitates clearing, stabilizing or shielding disturbed earth energies, EMF's, technological and metaphysical energies in environments. She also does personal clearing work for individuals. This subtle energy work can be done both in person and at a distance.

After many years of study and experience, she has developed an integrative approach to working with subtle energies by combining her broad based knowledge of feng shui and the art of spiritual dowsing.

Sheila has been a student and teacher of spiritual studies for over twenty-five years. Her background also includes certification in Reiki II and as a Certified Hypnotherapist. She has extensively studied Psycho-Synthesis, Neurolinguistics and PSYCH-K™. She is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry.

Philosophy and Comments        

She teaches her clients the importance of using conscious intentions, as an additional way to alter their lives in positive ways, in conjunction with understanding and using the appropriate elemental and symbolic remedies in their homes or businesses. Her approach to balancing and harmonizing a place is based on the understanding that each person has a unique relationship to where they live and work. She enables her clients to understand how their environment reflects their energies, both consciously and subconscious.

The manner in which she approaches her work is very self-empowering to her clients and can lead to their personal transformation and spiritual healing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

For information on her fees, please go to her web site at:

http://www.fengshuiandenergybalancing.com/consultations.html or






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