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Newton E Bunce 3rd.



810 W. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86305
United States
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Healthy Focus


Healthy Focus concerns just that. You cannot have a healthy focus and a sick focus at the same time. Optimal health addresses all of who you are: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and physically. This is wholism. Healthy Focus provides: colonic therapy, whole-food nutritional counsel, essential oil treatments, iridology, and lifestyle coaching -- modalities that address all of you. We honor your "biological individuality" -- your uniqueness. Health IS a Law and also a way of life.

Profile and Credentials        

Perhaps the most important credential offered by Newton E. Bunce is that wholism is his life. He lives what he believes, teaches, and provides. Newton has spent the last 30 years developing his wholistic concepts through study, service, and living wholistically. Gaining a BA degree in wholistic health and healing, he also holds a Master of Herbology degree, Doctor of Iridology degree, and most recently, a Doctor of Divinity degree. With a broad range of interests and talents, Newton is a constant student, widely read, passionate, devoted, and fun. His philosophy is that Life is rich with opportunity, is meant to be lived fully, and is always supportive. Newton welcomes the opportunity to share this perspective with you, as you gain greater comfort, understanding, and ultimately, wholistic health.

Philosophy and Comments        

Wholism is far more than "holistic": you are more than the sum of your parts. Where is the part of your beliefs, your faith? Where is the part of your feelings, your ideas? None of these can be separated from you if you expect to heal completely. Wholism concerns All of your individuality: Spirit/belief systems, Heart/feelings, Mind/perceptions, community, and, finally, the physical body. If you focus exclusively on the physical nature, you loose 4/5ths of who you are - potentially the most important 4/5ths. To truly heal, to truly live, you must understand the intergration of ALL of who you are.

Health is the Law - "disease" is not natural or necessary. It is generally a consequence of compromising choices, a communication from the body that you "have to" cleanse the system before you go further. Choose to choose again. Listen to your innate wisdom; YOU know the answers. In most cases what modern medicine has called "disease" is the perfect functioning of your natural defenses. In every case - with or without assistance - the body always moves in the direction of health and regeneration. Health IS the Law!

Develope a healthy focus and you can not have a "sick" focus. It is that simple - and that difficult. Perhaps you have heard before, whatever you put your attention on tends to expand in your experience. Medicine focuses on fighting disease. They are engaged in more "wars" against illness today than ever before. Doesn't it make more sense to focus on health? When you nourish and nurture the innate processes that contribute to general health, vitality, and strength wholistically, "disease" simply goes away. Light does not fight darkness. It simply is true to its nature, and the darkness vanishes, being nothing. Wouldn't you rather stop "fighting" and simply embrace Life?

NO one "heals" anything - the body/mind/heart and Spirit do that by divine design. The healing is inside you. It is a consequence of your wholesome beliefs, feelings, thoughts, interactions with others, and the nurturing of the body.

We are here to assist and support you in understanding whatever health challenges you may face and the process of developing your Healthy Focus. The only side effect will be greater vitality and the wholistic health you desire.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

For more information, to make an appointment or inquire about a phone consultation, please call: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.





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