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Philip Marquez Mcbee



27 Chestnut Ave
Irvington, NJ 07111
United States
T: 908 242-2069


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Dr. Philip McBee Dmus Dsc ND PhD


Dr Philip Marquez McBee is an educator /sonic acupuncturist/alternative health consultant, board certified by the American Association Of Drugless Practitioners as a Naturopathic Practitioner.(#58902405) Dr McBee holds a DSc in Therapeutic Acoustics, a PhD in music from the UNIVERSITY OF CANTERBURY,UK and an esoteric degree in MUSIC PHYSICS from THE AMERICAN PACIFIC University of ADVANCED STUDIES. Dr. McBee is a jazz composer and occasionally performs with his band The Almighty Avant-Garde Jazz Ensemble.Known for his love,and use of swirling, sureal,pulsating tones and textures in his music compositions, and in his research/practice,PHILIP is affectionately known as "THE SONIC SHAMAN" by his clients and fellow musicians. Jazz/ Blues guitar legend JOHNNY"GUITAR" WATSON " gave DR.MCBEE the name(title) in 1978 at a concert in NEW YORK CITY.THE ALMIGHTY CELESTRIAL JAZZ ENSEMBLE featuring PHILIP was the opening act for GUITAR WATSON.With the exception of a slight change in the band's name, and the loss of 2 departed band mates(R.I.P. SMITTY SMITH &THOMAS "T-BONE" NORTH) these 8 guys are still performing music that is beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.

Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

"All matter on this planet and anywhere else in the universe, is a complement of various tones and vibrating frequencies. These frequencies interact with one another for the "good" and "bad" of universal exsistance" ... The original author of this statement is unknown, but its sentiment has been echoed by the likes of Albert Einstien, Royal Raymond Rife,Otto Warburg, Barbara Hero (just to name a few of many great minds.) When illness is present, it is to be interpreted as : "The body not being "in sync" with life. Thus: "A person is out of tune." Sonopuncture is a holistic procedure, that could bring relief for sufferers of chronic pain,chronic fatigue,depression,obesity, high blood pressure, AADD,ADHD, and many other serious health conditions. This non-invasive, cost effective therapy, uses the principles of "frequency interaction", and resembles acupuncture: however, needles are replaced with "therapeutic soundwaves" - these soundwaves, once inserted into various parts of the body,begin a harmonic, holistic "journey" into "troubled" areas. The "waves" create a decrease of discomfort and an increase of psychological awareness and relaxation. Thus: the body becomes "in-sync" once again!and the once "troubled areas" are: "Back in tune with life". I have witnessed amazing results with the use of sonopuncture in my practice, and positive feedback from other practitioners utilizng this amazing therapy. Relief can be just a "tune" away!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sonopuncture/Sonic Massage treatments are usually 30 minutes to 1 hour long @ $.75 per minute. And recently,several insurance companies have granted coverage for these "acupuncture type"treatments.Consult your insurance carrier for availability. You may contact DR. MCBEE at(908)242-2069 for any additional information.




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