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Jo Ann Simmons

Jo Ann Simmons


P.O. Box 180546
Casselberry, FL 32718-0545
United States
T: 4074052735

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For more than 17 years in my private practice I have inspired clients to achieve their best, created my own blend of law-of-attraction exercises to help clients with dating and relationships, plus draw my own soul mate.

Now I'm determined to help other singles find love and marriage through the exercises in my new book Stop Looking and Let True Love Find You: The Perfect Plan for Attracting Your Perfect Love Match

Profile and Credentials        

Jo Ann attended the American Music and Dramatic Academy in New York City to advance her dream of being a professional singer. The dream came true when she joined the Serendipity Singers, a popular 60¡¯s folk singing group, appearing on Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, and other national TV shows.

After touring for several years, she changed career direction to become an educator and psychotherapist. She earned a Master¡¯s Degree in Counseling at Florida Atlantic University and dedicated the next 23 years to uplifting the lives of many as an educational counselor.

After extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, Jo Ann opened a private practice. As a psychotherapist, she devoted the next seventeen years to helping countless clients make personal breakthroughs.

Today she is an author and Certified Coach who blends personal and professional experience to empower others in reaching their lifetime dreams. Her book ¡°Stop Looking and Let True Love Find You! The Perfect Plan for Attracting Your Perfect Love Match¡± teaches singles how to attract the ¡°love of your life¡± þu easily!

Dating singles can access love and relationship support through individual or group coaching sessions, teleseminars, and free monthly golden dating tips.

Philosophy and Comments        

I'm dedicated to spreading love around the planet, one couple at a time.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work hours are flexible based on clients needs. Fee's are based on services provided, please contact me for more details.





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