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Om Enerji

Jennifer Thompson


1525 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205
United States
T: 704-661-1606

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My sound therapy is based on the Acutonics ® Healing System which is an energy-based, non-invasive treatment that is comparable to acupuncture. The difference is that I use precision-calibrated tuning forks rather than needles on acupuncture points of the body. When the tuning forks are applied to specific acupuncture points, they activate and balance the body's energy fields, fostering healing and inner harmony. These tuning forks represent the harmonic frequencies of the sun, moon, earth and other planets. As an Acutonics ® Practitioner, I may also incorporate different instruments such as drums, rattles, Tibetan singing bowls and tingshas into your session to enhance your experience.

Profile and Credentials        

I am an Acutonics ® Practitioner- I use sound in a therapeutic way. Several years ago, I started my journey with sound by becoming a Registered Vascular Technologist as well as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (otherwise known as an ultrasound technologist). I have over 6 years of experience using sound as a diagnostic tool in a traditional medical setting. Because of my interest in the mechanics of sound and its healing influence on the body, I experienced my own sound therapy session with a Certified Acutonics ® Practitioner/Instructor and soon after, took the necessary classes to become an Acutonics ® Practitioner. I am very excited to introduce this transformational healing therapy to Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sound Therapy Services and Fees

(All sessions are by appointment only)

30 minute Sound Therapy "Energy Booster"- $40

This session will focus on the acupuncture sites that increase energy levels. You will leave feeling uplifted and refreshed, ready to complete the work day or finish those long-forgotten projects.

30 Minute "Yin" Sound Therapy- $40; 60 Minute "Yin"- $70

Most of us need to slow down and cool off, especially during these hot summer months. This session will help you let go and re-balance your yin/yang energies.

60 minute Customized Sound Therapy Session- $70

We will discuss in detail your individual needs and goals on which I will focus in your session.

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Sound Therapy packages:

• Purchase any 3 of my services in advance and receive 10% off

• Purchase any 6 of my services in advance and receive 15% off

Payment: I accept cash and check.

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Gift certificates:

Om Enerji gift certificates are available for any of my sound therapy services.

Let me assist you in creating peace, balance and harmony in your life.

Call 704.661.1606 or email me at jen@omenerji.com to request an appointment.

Acutonics ® is a registered trademark of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC. To learn more about Acutonics, visit the web site: www.acutonics.com


The sound waves of the tuning forks travel deeply into the body along energy meridians, influencing human physiology and traveling to places not easily reached by Western medicine. This work is very transformational; it can alleviate chronic and debilitating diseases for which Western medicine often can not treat. There are thousands of case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this modality.

The following are examples of some conditions that have been successfully

treated by the Acutonics ® Healing System:

• Stress

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Insomnia

• Asthma

• Allergies

• Gastrointestinal Disorders

• Irritable Bowel


• Menstrual Disorders

• Menopause

• Sinus Infections

• Acute & Chronic Pain

• Fibromyalgia

• Peripheral Neuropathy

• Infertility

• Stroke Residuals

• Fatigue

• Environmental Illness

• Migraines

• Arthritis

• Tendonitis

• Balance

• Common colds

Come experience the healing of sound.


I arrived for my sound therapy session feeling physically and emotionally depleted. Little did I know what an awesome experience awaited me. Jen is a master with the ancient art form of sound and she has an incredible gift to share with the world.

Sandra Smyre, LMBT, Charlotte, NC

Prior to my sound therapy session, I felt imbalanced physically (like when you need your back popped) and I also felt that my energy was off balance. The session left me feeling (and I am not kidding here) like I had an hour massage, a visit with the chiropractor, and a week’s vacation! I felt peaceful, refreshed physically and mentally, and connected to my own energy again. I am really looking forward to my next session.

Teresa Hernandez, Charlotte, NC

During my initial sound therapy session, I felt completely at ease with Jen and appreciated her detailed explanations of what she was doing and why. After wards, I felt so relaxed, confident, and comfortable in own skin…it was heavenly! That night I slept soundly and had a great run the next morning. I look forward to my next session, and I am grateful to have a studio like Om Enerji in town!

Michelle S., Charlotte, NC

I had my first experience with sound therapy with Jennifer and it was trans-formative. I was so relaxed and centered when I left the studio. My head was clear and I felt calm for the first time that day!

Ali S., Raleigh, NC

I had never been to a sound therapy session before my visit with Jennifer. I went with an open mind, no expectations, and a stiff neck! Until my session, I had been forcing my neck to crack everyday to relieve my pain. During the session, I physically and mentally felt myself relax, and I felt tingling throughout my body. Jennifer mainly concentrated on my neck and after wards, I had no urge to crack my neck and there was no pain in that area. I am happy to say that I will be going to Jennifer for ‘tune-ups’.

Veda S., Charlotte, NC


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect in a sound therapy session?

* At the beginning of each session, I will talk to you about any problems you are having (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in order to customize your treatment.

* I will show you the various tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and tingshas that will be used during your session.

* You will remove your shoes and lie comfortably on your back on a massage table.

* I will let you listen to the tuning forks to calm and relax you and let you go inward.

* I will apply the tuning forks to different points on your body (acupuncture points) as well as work above your body as you close your eyes and enjoy your session.

* Tibetan singing bowls and tingshas will be played on and/or over your body.

* Soft, peaceful music will be played in the background to help you breathe deeply and unwind.

2. So do you just play classical music during the session?

* Many people confuse sound therapy with music therapy. I play soft music in the background, but the main sound therapy is coming from the vibratory tuning forks I use on and above your body. The cells in your body resonate with the frequency of the tuning forks used. (For more information, click on the sound therapy link on our website.)

3. What are energy meridians?

* Meridians are pathways on which energy travels. Your body has several energy “highways,” or meridians, that run up and down it. Stress, anxiety, fear, negative thinking, poor nutrition, and chronic conditions are some of the causes of “traffic jams” along these “highways,” where energy gets blocked. When I apply the vibratory tuning forks to these “traffic jams,” the vibrations clear out the stagnations and allow the energy to move freely.

4. Is there any scientific research that proves sound therapy works?

* Sound has been used for thousands of years to initiate healing. Sound is the vibratory movement of energy located in nature and in the universe. There are some sounds that we can hear, and others that we cannot hear because the sound frequencies are above or below human hearing. All of our cells vibrate, therefore producing their own unique sound. There are thousands of qualitative case studies that have been conducted which prove the incredible healing properties of sound. The nature of this work does not readily lend itself to control-based scientific studies because each person and case is unique. Western medicine, based on Newtonian physics, views the body as a machine made up of different parts that can be fixed with either medicine or surgery. Quantum physics views matter as energy, and changes in one part affect the entire system. The Acutonics

® Healing System is based on quantum physics. Sound therapy treatments are highly individualized, which is an approach Western medicine rarely offers its patients. Because each person is different, it is impossible to create a valid control group and conduct double-blind research studies.

5. Do I need to arrive early for my first session?

* Yes. Please arrive about 5 minutes early if you have already filled out the medical history form that I emailed to you. If you do not have access to email, or did not fill out the form, then please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out this form in person.

6. Can I talk during my session?

* Yes. Please tell me if a particular point feels wonderful, if you see colors, or feel the lines of energy (meridian pathways) traveling through your body (no need to worry if you’ve never experienced this before. Every one has different experiences with energy.) You may also feel changes in body temperature. These are some of the ways we “feel” energy moving in our bodies. I do encourage clients to relax and absorb the wonderful healing properties of sound.

7. What if I arrive late?

* Your session will begin when you arrive and will end at the scheduled time as a courtesy to the next client.

8. How long are the sound therapy sessions?

* Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes and can be longer if needed to treat specific conditions. Please discuss these options with me.

9. How often should I come for treatment?

* This really depends on your specific needs and the state of health you want to maintain. If you have a chronic issue, then 2-4 times a month is recommended to best treat your condition and promote healing at a deep cellular level. Coming once per month will help you maintain a high level of health and allow your body to vibrate at its highest frequency.


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