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Dagmar Nickerson



1661 West Rd
Hot Springs, NC 28743
United States
T: 828-622-7112
F: 828-622-7112


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Southern Dharma Retreat Center


Southern Dharma Retreat Center is a 501 C (3) educational facility, welcoming a variety of spiritual paths, whose purpose is to offer meditation retreats.

Profile and Credentials        

Our goal is to provide a comfortable gathering place, removed from the everyday distractions of life, and to create an atmospere of quiet reflection where one can nurture a sense of peace and uncover the truths within the heart. Southern Dharma Retreat Center has been offering retreats for over twenty five years.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our retreats are led by qualified teachers from many paths, all of whom use silent sitting meditation as a central practice for looking within.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We offer a supportive environment and attempt to keep costs to participants affordable. We offer scholarships as well as work practice scholarships.





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