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Mary-Lynne Roman



546 Avery CreekRoad
Arden, NC 28704
United States
T: 828-687-7199


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Mary-Lynne Roman,DC,ESMT


Equine and Canine Massage Therapy Benefits include; pain relief, increased circulation, expels toxins, tension release, swelling, inflammation and increased range of motion.

Profile and Credentials        

Chiropractor - 17 years Animal Keeper (WNC Nature Center, Greenville Zoo, Biltmore Equestrian Center) Equine Massage Canine Massage

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call for an appointment. A full body massage takes one hour and can be given pre-event for loosening/warming muscles or post-event to prevent stiffening and dehydration on the cellular level. Call for prices.

Therapeutic massage has been known to improve:        

Balance/Coordination Lateral Bending Tracking Forward Impulsion Lead Changes Girth Discomfort Tying Up Sore/Cold Back Shoulder,Hip, Hock Stifle Pain Resistance Head Tossing "Forging"

Benefits of massage for your horse or dog are many        

Pain relief - Just as it is in our bodies, endorphins are released which are natural pain killers... Increased Circulation - Carries the endorphins to all body parts and warms the muscles for restoring maximum elasticity. Also eases the strain on vital organs by returning venous blood to the heart. Expels Toxins - As the cirulatory system carris waste and by-products not used in the body, there is more effective nutritional absorption. Tension Release - By lenghthening connective tissue, preventing formation of scar tissue and allowing muscles to relax for better preparation to endure at any event. Swelling & Inflammation - are signficantly reduced therefore reducing pain. Increased range of motion of joints and enhanced muscle tone.

Massage therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care        


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