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Ann Miller



PO Box 117
Paonia, CO 81428
United States
T: 970-527-3257


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Ann Ulrich Miller


The Star Beacon, in publication since April 1987, is a monthly metaphysical newsletter, with a wealth of diverse information including health/healing, current events, UFO sightings and features from contactees, alien teachings, humor, letters from readers, cosmic book reviews, art, poetry, a DISC-ussion column, a Q & A column with Chief Joseph, advice from Quado, earth changes, predictions, and a whole lot more.

Profile and Credentials        

Back in spring of 1987, Spirit directed me to start publishing a newsletter about UFOs, in an effort to help the contactees. That's when I became an associate director of UFO Contact Center International, a nonprofit organization out of Seattle, Washington. The Star Beacon has grown over the last 18 years and goes to subscribers throughout the United States and abroad. In 1999 we held the first Love and Light Conference in western Colorado, and have held three such conferences, bringing together lightworkers from all over to share presentations, workshops and healing. Each conference has raised the vibration in the area and initiated some life-changing results among participants. We hope to hold conferences again sometime in the future. I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing from Michigan State University and have written several books, four of which are published and available through Earth Star Publications. I have worked with newspapers since the '70s and was publisher of my own weekly in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. At this time my focus is on my writing and continuing to bring forth much needed information through The Star Beacon and my New Age novels. I also offer a fiction writing course for beginners.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Star Beacon is a format for lightworkers to share their ideas. "Love and Light" is our main theme, directed at bringing unity and harmony among all beings in the Universe.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The issue comes out at the beginning of the month. Deadline for articles and ads is the 20th of each month. A subscription for one year is $24 for US and Canada, $32 (USD) for overseas. Receive the PDF version for just $20/year. Single issues sell for $2.00 and back issues are available for $1.50. You can also join Earth Star's Galaxy Wide Friendship Club (pen pals) for a lifetime fee of $10.00. Other services offered include desktop publishing, secretarial services, self-publishing services, notary and Web consulting. View original paintings in Earth Star's art galleries, or go to the Reading Rooms to read samples of books for sale.





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