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Beverley Howden



155 2401 Cliffe Ave
Courtenay, BC V9N 2G9
T: 250-897-0992


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Struggling with accepting life changes? When there's no going back, the course “Starting Life Over” guides you through dark days to a brighter future. A restlessness that won’t go away? Tools to re-assess your life, let go of the old, let the new emerge. Stuck? Get unstuck here! Experience a true metamorphosis! Twelve week program (by e-mail) includes journal writing, resources, information and support.

Profile and Credentials        

M. Ed.(Counseling Psychology) from University of British Columbia. Keen lifelong Learner: training in NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Brain Gym, Touch for Health, graduate of Jean Houston’s Mystery School,. Have taken and facilitated numerous Personal Growth workshops. Member of Coachville and International Association of Coaches. Author of “The Imp” Journal: Guided Journal Writing for Personal Empowerment, Vol.1.

Philosophy and Comments        

I am passionate about human potential. From my own experience of accepting life changes in 1993, I know that no matter how devastating some life experiences can be, we can emerge stronger, be more creative and live a richer, fuller life than we could ever have imagined. Accepting life changes can mean: Experiencing inner peace instead of turmoil, creating an even better future, finding your purpose in life, improving relationships by learning to forgive, expressing who you truly are, developing your talents and living your dreams. “Why would one creep when one has the inclination to soar?” said Helen Keller.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work hours are flexible. I am on Pacific time. For additional support by e-mail and telephone see the information at http://www.StartingLifeOver.com





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