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Stewart Hill



1627 W. Main Street #343
Bozeman, MT 59715
United States
T: 406 570-6291


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Mystical Reflection


Custom-made spiritual/mystical art created for each individual. This art can act as a catalyst to help you recall your essential nature. These pictures reflect the inner beauty of the soul. People who have received these pictures report that the pictures are benefical and assist them in centering within and to remember that they are spiritual in nature.

Profile and Credentials        

I'm a computer animator and I enjoy creating beautiful and spiritual images. I have been working with computer animation for three years. Prior to my animation work, I worked in video production as an editor, camera operator and director for nineteen years.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy is that the best use of today's technology is to create beautiful and spiritual imagery that is inspiring and elevating and helps a person to remember that they are a spiriutal being. In the mystical environments I create, I combine the beauty of nature with the beauty of the soul's inner light, to produce a unique picture for each individual.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Several Photo Packages are available and are described on our website at http://www.mysticalreflection.com





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