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Elena Stone



115 Scenic Glen Pl NW
Calgary, ALB T3L 1K1
T: 403-244-4534


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Stone Keeper


Retailer of Fine Crystals, Minerals & Jewelry. Stone Keeper has many crystals and minerals for healing, feng shui or decoration of home and office. We offer crystal classes and workshops. Elena has been working with crystal energy for a number of years. She uses Language of Light in harmony with the crystals during healing sessions and attunements. Elena is a Shamballa Muliti-dimensional Master/Teacher and a Seventh Sense(TM) Healing Practitioner.

Profile and Credentials        

Elena Stone, the owner of Stone Keeper, has been enjoying the embrace of crystals for many years. Awakened to them by her mother when she was young, Elena started her on the journey of discovery that led to her living her passion of working with the stones. Elena’s gift is the ability to align intuition with the guidance of spirit for the purpose of identifying which crystal vibrations or healing tools from around the world are being called to assist humanity now. The purpose is to enable people to assist their personal development with these powerful beings. Elena’s intent is always Love – which can be felt through the crystals in her care. Elena attunes you to the crystals through channelling the Language of Light. The Language of Light is best described as sounds and tones that originate from Creation. It connects all souls with the Unity consciousness and blesses us with Divine Love, compassion and forgiveness. Each soul instinctively connects with the Language of Light. Spirit has guided Elena to attune specific crystals with their new guardians.

Philosophy and Comments        

Stones provide an opening into the wisdom and experience of the Universe. They guide our subconscious to connect with the universal flow of love on all levels. Crystals hold the mysteries of the Universe within their consciousness. They have been part of our world for many centuries and used in many civilizations. With the consciousness-raising efforts at this time on the planet, crystals have been eagerly awaiting our fuller embrace of them. All of our crystals are loved and cared for with respect for the magnificent beings that they are. They are cleared and cleansed while in our care and are invited to shine their love forth for you to see.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Crystals, Minerals , and Jewelry are available online at www.stonekeeper.com. Customers in Calgary can view the crystals at Stone Keeper's location by appointment. Appointments can be made by calling 403-244-4534.





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