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Maria Kirkman



559 Gilberts Rd
Hawarden RD1, New Zealand
T: 64 3 3142240


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Maria Kirkman


I treat all types of conditions, however a lot of my practice is emergency calls. I use radionics, homeopathy, energy, and various flower essences. I appear to have a particular talent in the fields of chemical poisoning, and particularly potent and/or mutated bacteria and viruses. I tailormake nosodes for immunisations for prevention of diseases in all species. I work worldwide. Instant treatment

Profile and Credentials        

I work as a Medical Intuitive by phone, website and e mail. I have been practising for 15 years. I specialise in animals but also treat humans. I teach energy healing

Philosophy and Comments        

i work with the client to maximise their or their animals health. I show them how to use diet while I do my thing with essential oils, homeopathy, enrgy,and vibrational healing Testimonials are available on my website

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Up to 1 hour of my time $NZ90 (plus GST if a NZ client) Payment is by either Paypal or Visa and Mastercard Secure links on my website





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