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Suzanne Blackburn



56 Greenland Cove Road
Bremen, ME 04551
United States
T: 207-529-5225
F: 529-2660


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Midcoast Body Spirit Works


I practice Temple style Lom Lomi Bodywork in the style of the Shamanic healers of old Hawaii. These healers, know as Kahunas, practiced a style of bodywork called Lomi Lomi which was used as a means of deep transformation in rites of passage. The Kahunas knew that through flowing, full body strokes, deep tissue work, breath and embracing the universal life force, Mana Wai there are potent ways to release the power of the body so that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing can take place.

Profile and Credentials        

My Lomi Lomi training was received in Hawaii at Aloha International in Kauii. I have also trained with the Body Electric School in Swedish Massage and I am am certified by the state of California.

Philosophy and Comments        

Our bodies hold the wisdom of the ages. When we honor our bodies and listen carefully to them we come to know the essence of who we are.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Days or evenings by appointment. $50 per hour with a minimum 2 hour session recommended.





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