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Dynamic Power Yoga PLUS!

Suze Curtis


4951 Airport Parkway, #590
Addison (North Dallas), TX 75001
United States
T: (972) 934-3905
F: (972) 713-7796

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A vigorous muscle-building, fat-burning, cardiovascular practice, incorporating the healing power of sound & vibration ~~ simultaneously creating flexibility, reducing stress, and helping to develop a sense of personal well-being.

Profile and Credentials        

Suze Curtis, RYT is A.A.A.I./I.S.M.A accredited, has taught in the wellness/fitness/health field for over 30 years, and is the founder of Dynamic Power Yoga PLUS! ...and... Total Health through Balance, Inc.

Philosophy and Comments        

Dynamic Power Yoga PLUS! incorporates the powerful elements of breath & movement (physical); with awareness & focused intention (mental); release of emotional 'baggage' (dis-ease in the body), through sound & vibration; and finding your "true" SELF (spiritual).

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Unlimited Classes:

$15 Try-Out

$59/Month (12-Month Commitment)

$71/Month (6-Month Commitment)

$233 (3-Month Commitment)

$107 (1-Month Commitment)





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