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Dave Parks



P.O. Box 8353
Canton, OH 44720
United States
T: 330-244-2203


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Dave Parks


Health and Fitness oriented classes in Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi). Teaching Liu's Abstracted 32 movement Yang's Style Short form in North Canton, Ohio at the Zion Lutheran Church (corner of Portage St. and Lindy Lane). Basic classes run 1.5 hours and consist of "Warm Ups" [stretching, breathing (Qigong), and loosening up exercises], "Single Moving" (taking individual movements from the Form and playing them singlely, on both sides), and instruction in the Tai Ji Form itself.

Profile and Credentials        

Dave Parks began training in Chinese Martial Arts in 1978. Since being "Certified to Teach" by his Master Yang Shu-Ton, he has been teaching in various locations since 1994. These have included the North Canton YMCA (4 years), Canton Jewish Community Center (1 year), both the North Canton and Lake Continuing Education Programs (2 years), Zion Lutheran Church (current) and Kent State - Stark County Branch (Jan 2002).

Philosophy and Comments        

Tai Ji Quan has been described as a "moving meditation" and can be used as a means of tapping into and releasing some of our potential. The movements flow slowly and continuously, each into the next, from the opening sequence, thru the close, helping to improve blood and energy circulation, strength, balance, joint flexibility and whole body co-ordination, while promoting deep, natural or Taoist breathing and proper structural alignment. Anyone can play and everyone can benefit (results are proportional to what you put in). Recommended for age 17 and up.

My basic class philosophy is that we are in class for 3 reasons. First, and foremost, is to have some FUN. Second is to get some physical exercise. Third is to use Tai Ji as the vehicle, both to have the fun and to get the exercise.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Beginner's Classes are held Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6 to 7:30 pm, and Saturday mornings from 8 to 9:30 am. Anyone interested may come for ONE MONTH FREE (can attend all 3 weekly classes if interested). Participants must sign "Waiver" form (NOT a contract), before joining the class. Fee structure varies depending on number of days per week, age (discount for 60+), and "family association" (2 or more members of the same family receive a discounted rate). Monthly base rate is $40 / 1 day, $65 / 2 days, $80 / 3 days per week. Call or e-mail for more details or directions to the church.





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