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Tamera Rackham

Tamera Rackham


103 Bedford
Corvallis, MT 59828
United States
T: 406-363-4898

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In downtown historic Darby, Montana, you'll find you can enter a calming, soothing space filled with beautiful plants, designed to maximize natural light and provide a feeling of openness, with an energy that makes you feel at home and subtle, soothing scents drifting through the air. You then proceed to the practitioner rooms where care has been taken to offer you a restful, relaxing atmosphere to enhance your experience during your healing session. I offer a choice of sessions designed to educate and empower you by balancing body, mind or spirit, facilitating the improvement of physical, mental and emotional health.

Profile and Credentials        

It's not about credentials. It's about you, your intent to change, and what I can do to help facilitate your desires. Imagine unleashing the power within you and creating the life that reflects the very best you!

Here are the following techniques I have been trained/certified in, and products that I have personally tried, endorse, and feel that most any body will benefit greatly from when used. What are the benefits of each of them? "How can they enhance my life, be it spiritually or physically" you might ask? For that matter, a few of you may even be asking "What the heck is that Psych-K"? or "What does 'EMF' stand for"? Visit my website for more detailed information about each of the services, health enhancing products, and many benefits that you can attain from them.

Services Offered

Psych-K™ ~ Advanced Facilitator

Reiki Master/Practitioner

EMF Balancing Technique® ~ Accredited Practitioner/Supervisory Teacher

Phases I ~ XII
UCL Workshops
Personal Growth Classes
Practitioner Accreditation Internships

Products Offered

Young Living Essential Oils ~ To order or learn more

Q-Link Pendants

Philosophy and Comments        

All matter, living and non-living, is ultimately an electromagnetic phenomenon. Increasing our vibration through energy work and consciously seeking our truth through personal growth helps us to remain balanced. We can adjust our energetic fields to resonate with the higher levels of light, love and compassion, through our intent to do so. I facilitate sessions for those that want to accelerate their personal growth and empowerment, for those who are ready to step up to their next level of evolution, or maybe just want a darn good massage........

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I offer individual sessions on an appointment only basis, in person or from a distance. Usual appointment hours are Tuesday through Friday daytimes, with some exceptions. Distance and Surrogate sessions for Psych-K and EMF Balancing also may be done on weekends. Universal Calibration Lattice Workshops and Personal Growth Classes are offered several times a year, with requests for one-on-one classes taken. Also, I may be willing to travel to your area to teach a workshop or class. Visit www.gracefulharmony.com for more about each of the modalities, sessions, classes and products, and the fees for each them. Appointments can be made or questions can get answers by calling me or sending an e-mail.

More details, cool links............        

When you visit my website, you'll find a lot more information about the services and products, mentioned here, that can dramatically change and empower you and your life, along with links to some very interesting and cool and downright bizzare things that I have stumbled across in my wanderings.



"Intent creates a ripple in time and space through which movement takes place. in stimulating the opening of the vortex of creation, Intent serves to guide and direct energies across inter-dimensional portals. Holding the Intent creates the tidal wave that alters space-time, sending new events into the reality of our lives."

"Elegant Empowerment" ~ Peggy Pheonix Dubro

The Spiral Sweep ~ An Energy Exercise        

The Spiral Sweep exercise is a small but important part of the information contained in the complete EMF Balancing Technique® system. Using the exercise helps to prepare the energy body for the greater charge we are now capable of holding and using in everyday life. As many of us are realizing, the sacred event we have been searching for is right in front of us, our very own lives. The exercise can be read slowly if you choose, but once you are familiar with it, you may go as fast as you like. You may simply visualize the flow of energy while reciting the numbers one through twelve. Visit my website to read The Spiral Sweep and experience it for yourself.


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