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Yi Hsiang Chang



1110 University Ave. #309
Honolulu, HI 96826
United States
T: 808 949 1050
F: 808 947 4788


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Dr. Chang


President, Chief Practitioner and Founder of World Medicine Institute (Fka Tai Hsuan Foundation) which provides a Masters degree program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The education is provided within a traditional context in accordance to an authentic Taoist teaching and heritage dating back almost 2,000 years to the Han dynasty. Classes are taught in Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Classical and Fresh Herbal Medicine, Tui Na, Medical Qi Gong, Biomedicine. Private I Ching and Feng Shui consultations are also available by request.

Profile and Credentials        

Ph.D. Beijing Medical University, Ph.D. Pacific University School of Health and Science, Ph.D. Chinese Philosophy Chinese University of Hong Kong, Doctor of Chinese Medicine Jiangsu State Hospital College of TCM. Smithsonian Association member, United Nations Hawaii Chapter member, President of Chinese Acpuncturist & Herbalist Association of America, Co-founder of Hawaii Association of Certified Acupuncturists, Chinese Advisor to Acupuncture & Medicine Research Center and Chinese Medical Institute of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong

Philosophy and Comments        

Dr Chang is the 64th Genegeration Toaist Lineage Holder inherited from the Han Dynasty in 1969. The school and private practice are based on ancient principles, augmented by the latest integrated techniques and modern research. Treatment and education are provided in acupuncture Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chi Kung, Tui Na, Moxibustion & Cupping. Disorders treated include: Headache, Digestive problems, Muscle Ache, Muskuloskeletal disorders, Menstrual Pain, Infertility, Chronic or Acute pain, Menopause, Fever, Chills, Allergies, Common Cold, Tendonitis, Sprain, Depression, Anxiety & Addiction

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 10am-5pm

Additional Practitioners        

Dr Gayle Todoki

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday - 10am-5pm

Conditions Treated        



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