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Rose Burch



Reedsport, OR 97467
United States
T: 541.271.1515




The Dove's Eye


THE DOVE'S EYE Studio of Fine Art ...
Embracing Our Forests, Waters, Creatures, Cultures & Creator ...
Through Allegorical & Inspirational Images of Resonant Design, Children, Spiritual Expressions,
Winged Creatures, Wildlife, Island & Northwestern Beauty

Profile and Credentials        

Created By

Rose A Strelow Burch

Master in Fine Art

Professional Freelance Artist & Author

Philosophy and Comments        

Rose's works are intense in quality and interpretation yet gentle and nourishing to the eye, heart and mind. They unfold and intertwine in unique fashion as creative expressions of allegory and song ... influenced by colors and cultures of the Hawaiian Islands, America's Northwest coastline and her Native American and European heritage. The works reveal visual and written communication and insight which comes into focus as images of conceptual, symbolical and allegorical significance that endeavor to encourage life. The work is a message of experience, relationship, development and growth that unfolds within the universal concept and imagery of love, beauty and timelessness combined with Rose's heart and techniques to create unique and sensitive visual and written concepts. As an instrument through which art and the written word flow and draw the creative process from within ~ Rose links creator and observer with the creation ~ all active participants in the life and significance of her works. The work is a beginning to explore and a bridge to span - if there is a beginning within the vast valleys that separate times and worlds - where more exists to begin with than can be taken into account. Rose presents art and the written word as a culmination, locution and courier of that which might not otherwise be conceived or visually embraced.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


By Mail: 207 Laskey Rd Reedsport OR 97467

By Email: thedoveseye@charter.net

Visit our Website: www.thedoveseye.com

Original Art . Note Cards & Prints of Watercolor & Photographic Images

Design Development By Consignment

Visual Awareness Workshops Upcoming



417 Fir Ave Reedsport OR 97467


Open:Tues ~ Sat 10am-4pm


Reedsport OR

September 23 & 24, 2006

Established and Exhibited        

Rose first established the work of ‘The Dove’s Eye’ in Hawaii. With three daughters as her accomplices in life (blessings in disguise), she came along side those who live in fantasy and those who struggle with day to day survival. Migrating back to the mainland USA as an accomplished Professional Freelance Artist and Writer, with works acclaimed in group and private collections and exhibits in the USA and internationally, Rose resides in the Northwest where she and her art labor hand in hand with occupations of counsel and assistance to others through works of healing, inspiration and encouragement.


The flow of art is both creative and nurturing to the body, mind, soul, the Creation and our relationship with the Creator ... whether it is in beauty or kindness ... given through visual expression, the written word or the touch of a hand ...


Color, light and healing energies flow with subtle visual and emotional communication through the life of these works of art ... reaching out to touch and move the observer ...


As aesthetic beauty or an emotional catapult into a new journey of life ... the works exist and evolve to initiate awareness, change and healing ... if only for a defined moment in time.

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