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Lisa Sullivan



179 Center Hill Rd.
Pleasant Valley, CT 06063
United States
T: 860-738-9098


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The Garden Tender


The Garden Tender...Sowing Seeds of the Soul.

Through hands on energy work called "Transformational Healing" and psychic work with your Angels and Guides I can help you gain a better understanding of who you are and how to manifest your life into all you have dreamed it could be. The body work is both relaxing and rejuvinating to your body and soul and can help heal physical as well as emotional problems in this life and past lives. What did you plant today?

Profile and Credentials        

B.A. Psychology
Certified Transformational Healer-2 year certificate
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner

Philosophy and Comments        

My philospphy is that we need to look at our lives as though they are a garden. What seeds are you sowing into this garden? For it is these seeds which will grow and develop into the fabric of our lives. Through developing a thought process which is more in tune with your desired outcome I can help you to create your life into the most beautiful garden you ever imagined. For it is in this imagination which our lives are brought forth into reality.

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