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The Matrona

Whapio Diane Bartlett


NC, GA, VT and beyond, 28806
United States and Canada
T: 828.242.2188


The Matrona is a non-profit organization offering classes and correspondence courses in holistic midwifery and holistic doula training, plus free community workshops in a variety of health and parenting related topics, including everything from herbs and medicine making to birth control options to DIY auto mechanics for women!

At The House of La Matrona, we believe birth is a sacred and profound experience and we teach midwifery as a Sacred Art.

We believe that childbearing is a time of transformation and empowerment for parents, and the work of the midwife is to return birth to the family.

Our house is dedicated to serving women and families by providing opportunities to access knowledge of Women's Healing Arts. We believe that the knowledge of birth and midwifery is among those arts, and belongs to all individuals and all families.

We educate women to be competent, confident, compassionate and caring midwives who serve families in the traditional ways

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Upcoming Event! Pathways to the Divine....        

Saturday and Sunday

May 24th and 25th

in Athens, Ga

This weekend we will deepen our knowing of five different pathways

that can facilitate a shift in consciousness and

speak to a greater understanding of the nature of our reality...

The Sacred Feminine

Birth and Matrescence

Sexuality and Sexual Wisdom

Global Consciousness and Peacekeeping

Entheogens and Plant Spirit Medicine


Weekend Schedule...

Saturday...9:30 to 1 pm

The Sacred Feminine

Women everywhere have been waiting for the return of the

Sacred Feminine to balance the Male Principle in our world.

The news is...it's here. It has crystallized on our planet...worldwide.

Let's visit some amazing areas of Women's Wisdom

and use biological fact to understand women as the Ancestral Sex.

Let's explore the Chalice, the Vessel, The Womb...

and the mystical biology of Conception.

All fact, no fiction.

Saturday...2 pm to 5:30

Birth and Matrescence

Let's have an authentic discussion of Mothermaking.

We’ll discuss the beauty and power of birth,

the ease and grace of bringing forth life on this planet.

We’ll discuss how all the power of the universe flows through the birthing

mother and why we should trust birth and ourselves in this sacred realm.

We can be self directed and safe on our planet and

spiral this consciousness into the world whenever we choose.

Saturday evening...7 to 10 pm

Sexual Wisdom

Tales from the wisdom traditions of the Ancient Midwives...

powerful stories of how life began and how consciousness shifts.

Mystical Embryology...what is required to engage the human template.

Intimate knowledge of Women’s Mysteries to be revealed.

Sexual Wisdom to be shared.

Multiple orgasms...cosmic orgasms...sex as a path to the Divine.

Sunday...9:30 to 1 pm

Global Consciousness & Peacekeeping

To engage a discussion of Global Peacekeeping we must first understand

the powerful concepts of rank, power and privilege.

We must understand the terrorist.

We can appreciate why our understanding of

everything on the planet is necessary and possible for Peacekeeping.

We’ll share new definitions of peace, safety, politics.

We’ll learn awareness and the ability to understand

and articulate clearly in challenging situations.

Not your typical discussion of safe space.

Sunday...2 to 5:30 pm

Entheogens and Plant Spirit Medicine

Entheogens are substances that open the doors of perception and allow us

to engage altered states where contact with the Divine is possible.

San Pedro cactus, Peyote, Ayahuasca...are a few of the plant medicines that have traditionally been used to connect with the Powers that Be.

Let’s explore these substances...

in discussion and story, myth and modern usage...

and consider the advantages and disadvantages of seeing God.


In order to make this information available to

a wide group and range of people...

You may chose to join us for the entire weekend...

Cost $150

You may chose one day, either Sat or Sun...

Cost $75

You may chose one day and Saturday evening...

Cost $95

You may chose both days and not Saturday evening...

Cost $130


Class will be held at...

225 Georgia Ave in Winterville, GA

(just outside Athens, GA)

Meals are potluck...please bring something for the table.

For more information on program content call Whapio @ 828-242-2188

or email at belovedpilgrim@yahoo.com

For information on logistics, directions and to register

call Nalu @ 706-340-7596




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